This page lists all signs from British Sign Language included in the wordnet. It contains 157 signs, connected to 449 synsets through 501 links.

bsl.2577 about, approximate, concerning

bsl.2578 about, approximate, around, estimate

bsl.2580 above, over

bsl.2581 absorb, suck, dry out

bsl.2582 acceptance, acceptability, accept, acceptable, infection, infect

bsl.2583 access

bsl.2584 accommodation, hostel, hotel, motel, boarder, billet, dormitory, stay, accommodate, billet, board, lodge, lodger, reside, resident

bsl.2585 acquire, acquisition, absorb

bsl.2592 Adelaide

bsl.2599 Afghanistan

bsl.2619 individual, individualist, loner, single, lone, alone, unaccompanied, singly, personally, individually, sole

bsl.2664 architect

bsl.2688 audiology, audiologist

bsl.2706 bad, appalling, dreadful, terrible, horrible, shame, awful, unfortunate, unfortunately

bsl.2709 badminton, play badminton, badminton racquet

bsl.2755 Belfast

bsl.2756 Belfast

bsl.2757 Belfast

bsl.2760 Belfast

bsl.2776 billiards

bsl.2777 bingo

bsl.2802 Blackpool

bsl.2814 blouse

bsl.2819 body, trunk, physical, human, human being, person, top

bsl.2842 bouncer

bsl.2860 breathing, lungs, breathe, asthma

bsl.2868 Brighton

bsl.2872 Bristol

bsl.2873 Bristol

bsl.2875 Bristol

bsl.2901 Brussels

bsl.2902 budgerigar, budgie

bsl.2932 Cambodia

bsl.2933 camel

bsl.2936 able, can, could, may, ability, capable, feasible, possible, possibly, potential

bsl.2948 Cardiff

bsl.2949 Cardiff

bsl.2950 Cardiff

bsl.2996 chef, chef's hat

bsl.3001 Chester

bsl.3024 cliff, cliff edge

bsl.3088 Cornwall

bsl.3089 cottage

bsl.3097 cousin

bsl.3098 cousin

bsl.3099 cousin

bsl.3127 cupboard, open cupboard

bsl.3144 daughter

bsl.3148 deaf, deaf person

bsl.3157 December

bsl.3180 derby

bsl.3254 DVD

bsl.3261 earring, earrings

bsl.3280 either, which

bsl.3315 Euro

bsl.3333 excuse me, pardon me

bsl.3354 factory

bsl.3355 factory

bsl.3413 fireworks

bsl.3477 Friday

bsl.3482 frisbee

bsl.3499 furniture

bsl.3514 well, or, however, nevertheless, although, but

bsl.3525 geography

bsl.3538 giraffe

bsl.3546 Glasgow

bsl.3547 Glasgow

bsl.3548 Glasgow

bsl.3549 Glasgow

bsl.3550 Glasgow

bsl.3554 going, leaving, departure, outing, left, go, leave, depart, away, gone

bsl.3572 goodness, virtue, good, virtuous, approve, adore, well, great, all right

bsl.3582 granddaughter

bsl.3583 grandfather

bsl.3584 grandmother

bsl.3635 hairbrush, brush hair

bsl.3678 helicopter

bsl.3679 hello

bsl.3688 hippy

bsl.3723 how many

bsl.3754 independence, independent, alone, individual, isolate, isolation, lone, loner, single, sole

bsl.3759 India

bsl.3824 just, recent, recently

bsl.3825 just, recent, recently

bsl.3826 karate, kung fu, martial arts

bsl.3833 kilt

bsl.3836 kitchen

bsl.3837 kitchen

bsl.3854 laptop

bsl.3878 Leeds

bsl.3893 lighthouse

bsl.3917 look, see, watch, gaze, observe, observation, observer, spectator, stare, view, viewer, notice

bsl.3940 Madrid

bsl.3967 Margate

bsl.3985 medal

bsl.4038 moustache

bsl.4045 mumps, swollen glands

bsl.4049 nailbrush

bsl.4061 necklace

bsl.4064 netball

bsl.4069 Newcastle

bsl.4070 Newcastle

bsl.4089 nightclub

bsl.4096 don't, no, not, refuse

bsl.4114 current, now, currently, nowadays, today, present

bsl.4121 o'clock

bsl.4126 October

bsl.4134 old-fashioned, old fashioned

bsl.4140 once, only, single, unattached

bsl.4141 one

bsl.4172 owl

bsl.4224 Pernod

bsl.4225 person, character, client, identity, personality, individual

bsl.4287 Prague

bsl.4295 doorbell, ring doorbell, press button, push button

bsl.4305 trouble-free, hassle-free, don't mind, not bothered, never mind, don't care

bsl.4308 professor

bsl.4341 my, mine, my own, belong to me

bsl.4342 your, yours, belong to you

bsl.4349 they, them, those

bsl.4459 right, correct, accurate, proper

bsl.4492 rugby

bsl.4493 rugby

bsl.4507 sameness, same, alike, like, likewise, similarly, too, also, as well, as

bsl.4516 Saturday

bsl.4517 Saturday

bsl.4518 Saturday

bsl.4549 self, personal, personally, myself, ourselves

bsl.4579 Sheffield

bsl.4596 shouldn't, should not, not bother

bsl.4637 sleepy

bsl.4645 Slovakia

bsl.4649 smelly

bsl.4765 suburbs

bsl.4791 Swansea

bsl.4805 Sydney

bsl.4809 Taipei

bsl.4866 thing, things, something, object, item, device, item

bsl.4867 thought, brain, think, reckon, come to mind, mind, intelligent, sensible

bsl.4914 toothpaste

bsl.4933 trampoline

bsl.4993 vase

bsl.5013 vodka

bsl.5031 wanker

bsl.5032 want, desire, hope, need, wish, satisfy

bsl.5054 webcam, web camera, Skype, video chat

bsl.5056 Wednesday

bsl.5065 what, that, which, why

bsl.5067 wheelchair

bsl.5072 either, which

bsl.5112 work, job, employment, occupation, task, employed, career, worker, labour, labourer, busy, business, effort

bsl.5139 yes

bsl.5140 yes

bsl.5143 yoghurt

bsl.6161 Belfast

bsl.6174 Dublin

bsl.6175 custard