Conception and DGS data: Sam Bigeard, Marc Schulder, Maria Kopf and Thomas Hanke (Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf (IDGS), University of Hamburg, Germany)

GSL data: Kiriaki Vasilaki, Anna Vacalopoulou, Theodor Goulas, Athanasia–Lida Dimou, Stavroula–Evita Fotinea and Eleni Efthimiou (Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP), Athena Research Center, Greece)

BSL data: Neil Fox and Kearsy Cormier (Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre (DCAL), University College London, United Kingdom)

NGT data: Onno Crasborn and Lianne Westenberg (Centre for Language Studies, Radboud University, Netherlands)

DSGS data: Sarah Ebling and Laure Wawrinka (Department of Computational Linguistics, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

STS data: Johanna Mesch and Thomas Björkstrand(Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University, Sweden)

PJM data: Anna Kuder (Department of Linguistics, University of Cologne, Germany) and Joanna Wójcicka (Institute of Applied Linguistics, Warsaw University, Poland)


This work is supported by the EASIER (Intelligent Automatic Sign Language Translation) Project. EASIER has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant agreement n° 101016982.

This work has in part been produced in the context of the joint research funding of the German Federal Government and Federal States in the Academies’ Programme, with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The Academies’ Programme is coordinated by the Union of the Academies of Sciences and Humanities.


Licence Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Please consult the licences of the external resources listed below if you wish to use data regarding the signs and/or synsets themselves. This licence concerns only the links made between synsets ID and signs ID. Those links are distributed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. This license lets you remix, adapt, and build upon this work non-commercially, as long as you credit the Multilingual Sign Language Wordnet and license your new creations under identical terms. More information here.

External Resources

The Multilingual Sign Language Wordnet builds on a number of existing resources. This includes several lexical resources for sign languages as well as other wordnets. The Wordnet contains manually verified data. As such, it does not automatically keep up to date with these resources. Please consult them directly for more up to date data.

Sign Language Resources

These are the lexical resources that the sign entries of the Multilingual Sign Language Wordnet refers to. The video files integrated into the wordnet are hosted by the respective lexical resources and are embedded with the kind permission of the resource creators.

German Sign Language (DGS)

Greek Sign Language (GSL)

British Sign Language (BSL)

Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT)

French Sign Language (LSF)

Swiss-German Sign Language (DSGS)

Swedish Sign Language (STS)

Polish Sign Language (PJM)


The Multilingual Sign Language Wordnet builds on and integrates with the synset entries of the following other wordnets: