Dicta-Sign Language Resources

Link to Basic Lexicon

Basic Lexicon

A list of 1000+ concepts with a sign language equivalent in each of the four project languages

Link to Training data for single signs

Training Data for Isolated Signs

For machine learning purposes, we provide a sample of almost 1000 signs with 10 copies (5 copies from two different signers) each showing the sign identically and another 10 with some variation (DGS) as well as 5 copies each for 1000 GSL signs.

Show Links to Corpus

Dicta-Sign Corpus...

Corpus data for the four project languages of at least 14 informants per language and a session duration of approx. 2 hours using the same elicitation materials across languages. The data is partially annotated.

Higher-resolution video as well as Bumblebee stereo data are available in a restricted-access area.

Link to elicitation materials used in Dicta-Sign

Elicitation material for corpus collection

Here the elicitation materials used in the Dicta-Sign corpus collection are made available for use in other projects. Please contact us to get a password to access to these materials. (If they were freely accessible, your informants might have already seen them.)