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10th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Multilingual Sign Language Resources


This workshop:

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Session A (on stage)
09:00–09:30Integrating Auslan Resources into the Language Data Commons of Australia
River Tae Smith, Louisa Willoughby and Trevor Johnston
09:30–10:00Outreach and Science Communication in the DGS-Korpus Project: Accessibility of Data and the Benefit of Interactive Exchange between Communities
Elena Jahn, Calvin Khan and Annika Herrmann
10:00–10:30Elevator Pitches for Session B
Session B (posters)
11:00–12:30Introducing Sign Languages to a Multilingual Wordnet: Bootstrapping Corpora and Lexical Resources of Greek Sign Language and German Sign Language
Sam Bigeard, Marc Schulder, Maria Kopf, Thomas Hanke, Kyriaki Vasilaki, Anna Vacalopoulou, Theodore Goulas, Athanasia-Lida Dimou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea and Eleni Efthimiou
11:00–12:30Moving towards a Functional Approach in the Flemish Sign Language Dictionary Making Process
Caro Brosens, Margot Janssens, Sam Verstraete, Thijs Vandamme and Hannes De Durpel
11:00–12:30Applying the Transcription System Typannot to Mouth Gestures
Claire Danet, Chloé Thomas, Adrien Contesse, Morgane Rébulard, Claudia S. Bianchini, Léa Chevrefils and Patrick Doan
11:00–12:30Elicitation and Corpus of Spontaneous Sign Language Discourse Representation Diagrams
Michael Filhol
11:00–12:30The Synthesis of Complex Shape Deployments in Sign Language
Michael Filhol and John C. McDonald
11:00–12:30ASL-Homework-RGBD Dataset: An Annotated Dataset of 45 Fluent and Non-fluent Signers Performing American Sign Language Homeworks
Saad Hassan, Matthew Seita, Larwan Berke, Yingli Tian, Elaine Gale, Sooyeon Lee and Matt Huenerfauth
11:00–12:30Approaches to the Anonymisation of Sign Language Corpora
Amy Isard
11:00–12:30The Sign Language Dataset Compendium: Creating an Overview of Digital Linguistic Resources
Maria Kopf, Marc Schulder and Thomas Hanke
11:00–12:30Making Sign Language Corpora Comparable: A Study of Palm-Up and Throw-Away in Polish Sign Language, German Sign Language, and Russian Sign Language
Anna Kuder
11:00–12:30Language Planning in Action: Depiction as a Driver of New Terminology in Irish Sign Language
Rachel Moiselle and Lorraine Leeson
11:00–12:30Facilitating the Spread of New Sign Language Technologies across Europe
Hope Morgan, Onno Crasborn, Maria Kopf, Marc Schulder and Thomas Hanke
11:00–12:30Towards Large Vocabulary Kazakh-Russian Sign Language Dataset: KRSL-OnlineSchool
Medet Mukushev, Aigerim Kydyrbekova, Vadim Kimmelman and Anara Sandygulova
11:00–12:30From Dictionary to Corpus and Back Again – Linking Heterogeneous Language Resources for DGS
Anke Müller, Thomas Hanke, Reiner Konrad, Gabriele Langer and Sabrina Wähl
11:00–12:30The Corpus of Israeli Sign Language
Rose Stamp, Ora Ohanin and Sara Lanesman
Session C (on stage)
14:00–14:30Open Repository of the Polish Sign Language Corpus: Publication Project of the Polish Sign Language Corpus
Anna Kuder, Joanna Wójcicka, Piotr Mostowski and Paweł Rutkowski
14:30–15:30Workshop in Workshop: Linguistic Linked Open Data for Sign Languages
Thierry Declerck
15:30–16:00Elevator Pitches for Session D
Session D (posters)
16:30–18:00Documenting the Use of Iranian Sign Language (ZEI) in Kermanshah
Yassaman Choubsaz, Onno Crasborn, Sara Siyavoshi and Farzaneh Soleimanbeigi
16:30–18:00Representation and Synthesis of Geometric Relocations
Michael Filhol and John McDonald
16:30–18:00Sign Language Phonetic Annotator-Analyzer: Open-Source Software for Form-Based Analysis of Sign Languages
Kathleen Currie Hall, Yurika Aonuki, Kaili Vesik, April Poy and Nico Tolmie
16:30–18:00SignHunter – A Sign Elicitation Tool Suitable for Deaf Events
Thomas Hanke, Elena Jahn, Sabrina Wähl, Oliver Böse and Lutz König
16:30–18:00Extending the Public DGS Corpus in Size and Depth
Thomas Hanke, Marc Schulder, Reiner Konrad and Elena Jahn
16:30–18:00An Isolated-Signing RGBD Dataset of 100 American Sign Language Signs Produced by Fluent ASL Signers
Saad Hassan, Larwan Berke, Elahe Vahdani, Longlong Jing, Yingli Tian and Matt Huenerfauth
16:30–18:00MY DGS – ANNIS: ANNIS and the Public DGS Corpus
Amy Isard and Reiner Konrad
16:30–18:00MC-TRISLAN: A Large 3D Motion Capture Sign Language Data-set
Pavel Jedlička, Zdeněk Krňoul, Milos Zelezny and Ludek Muller
16:30–18:00Collocations in Sign Language Lexicography: Towards Semantic Abstractions for Word Sense Discrimination
Gabriele Langer and Marc Schulder
16:30–18:00Two New AZee Production Rules Refining Multiplicity in French Sign Language
Emmanuella Martinod, Claire Danet and Michael Filhol
16:30–18:00ISL-LEX v.1: An Online Lexical Resource of Israeli Sign Language
Hope Morgan, Wendy Sandler, Rose Stamp and Rama Novogrodsky
16:30–18:00Towards Semi-automatic Sign Language Annotation Tool: SLAN-tool
Medet Mukushev, Arman Sabyrov, Madina Sultanova, Vadim Kimmelman and Anara Sandygulova
16:30–18:00Tools for the use of SignWriting as a Language Resource
Antonio F. G. Sevilla, Alberto Díaz Esteban and José María Lahoz-Bengoechea
16:30–18:00Capturing Distalization
Rose Stamp, Lilyana Khatib and Hagit Hel-Or
16:30–18:00Segmentation of Signs for Research Purposes: Comparing Humans and Machines
Bencie Woll, Neil Fox and Kearsy Cormier
Session R (remote)
all dayPeruSIL: A Framework to Build a Continuous Peruvian Sign Language Interpretation Dataset
Gissella Bejarano, Joe Huamani-Malca, Francisco Cerna-Herrera, Fernando Alva-Manchego and Pablo Rivas
all dayIntroducing the signglossR Package
Carl Börstell
all dayPhonetics of Negative Headshake in Russian Sign Language: A Small-Scale Corpus Study
Anastasia Chizhikova and Vadim Kimmelman
all dayLibras Portal: A Way of Documentation, a Way of Sharing
Ronice de Quadros, Renata Krusser and Daniela Saito
all dayA Machine Learning-based Segmentation Approach for Measuring Similarity between Sign Languages
Tonni Das Jui, Gissella Bejarano and Pablo Rivas
all dayTowards Kurdish Text to Sign Translation
Zina Kamal and Hossein Hassani
all dayFunctional Data Analysis of Non-manual Marking of Questions in Kazakh-Russian Sign Language
Anna Kuznetsova, Alfarabi Imashev, Medet Mukushev, Anara Sandygulova and Vadim Kimmelman
all dayResources for Computer-Based Sign Recognition from Video, and the Criticality of Consistency of Gloss Labeling across Multiple Large ASL Video Corpora
Carol Neidle, Augustine Opoku, Carey Ballard, Konstantinos M. Dafnis, Evgenia Chroni and Dimitri Metaxas
all daySTS-korpus: A Sign Language Web Corpus Tool for Teaching and Public Use
Zrajm Öqvist, Nikolaus Riemer Kankkonen and Johanna Mesch
all daySigned Language Transcription and the Creation of a Cross-linguistic Comparative Database
Justin Power, David Quinto-Pozos and Danny Law
all daySign Language Video Anonymization
Zhaoyang Xia, Yuxiao Chen, Qilong Zhangli, Matt Huenerfauth, Carol Neidle and Dimitri Metaxas

For the SLTAT programme, please check here.

Main conference papers on sign language:

274 P13(Tue) Sign Language Production With Avatar Layering: A Critical Use Case over Rare Words
Jung-Ho Kim, Eui Jun Hwang, Sukmin Cho, Du Hui Lee and Jong Park
495 P30 (Thu) Towards a new Ontology for Sign Languages
Thierry Declerck
509 R Automatic Gloss-level Data Augmentation for Sign Language Translation
Jin Yea Jang, Han-Mu Park, Saim Shin, Suna Shin, Byungcheon Yoon and Gahgene Gweon
523 R Bidirectional Skeleton-Based Isolated Sign Recognition using Graph Convolution Networks and Transfer Learning
Konstantinos M. Dafnis, Evgenia Chroni, Carol Neidle and Dimitri Metaxas
678 P13 (Tue) A First Corpus of AZee Discourse Expressions
Camille Challant and Michael Filhol
824 P20 (Wed) Challenges with Sign Language Datasets for Sign Language Recognition and Translation
Mirella De Sisto, Vincent Vandeghinste, Santiago Egea Gómez, Mathieu De Coster and Dimitar Shterionov
829 P20 (Wed) A Low-Cost Motion Capture Corpus in French Sign Language for Interpreting Iconicity and Spatial Referencing Mechanisms
Clémence Mertz, Vincent BARREAUD, Thibaut Le Naour, Damien Lolive and Sylvie Gibet
844 P1 (Tue) How to be FAIR when you CARE: The DGS Corpus as a Case Study of Open Science Resources for Minority Languages
Marc Schulder and Thomas Hanke
972 P20 (Wed) Rosetta-LSF: an Aligned Corpus of French Sign Language and French for Text-to-Sign Translation
Elise Bertin-Lemée, Annelies Braffort, Camille Challant, Claire Danet, Boris Dauriac, Michael Filhol, Emmanuella Martinod and Jérémie Segouat
1049 P20 (Wed) Quevedo: Annotation and Processing of Graphical Languages
Antonio F. G. Sevilla, Alberto Díaz Esteban, José María Lahoz-Begoechea
1117 P20 (Wed) Crowdsourcing Kazakh-Russian Sign Language: FluentSigners-50
Medet Mukushev, Aidyn Ubingazhibov, Aigerim Kydyrbekova, Alfarabi Imashev, Vadim Kimmelman and Anara Sandygulova