sign-lang@LREC Anthology

Towards a new Ontology for Sign Languages

Declerck, Thierry

Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2022)
Marseille, France
20 to 25 June 2022
European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
CC BY-NC 4.0


We present the current status of a new ontology for representing constitutive elements of Sign Languages (SL). This development emerged from investigations on how to represent multimodal lexical data in the OntoLex-Lemon framework, with the goal to publish such data in the Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) cloud. While studying the literature and various sites dealing with sign languages, we saw the need to harmonise all the data categories (or features) defined and used in those sources, and to organise them in an ontology to which lexical descriptions in OntoLex-Lemon could be linked. We make the code of the first version of this ontology available, so that it can be further developed collaboratively by both the Linked Data and the SL communities

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