sign-lang@LREC Workshops on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages

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Workshops on sign language representation and processing at the last day of LREC are now becoming a tradition: At LREC 2004 in Lisbon, the series started with a workshop dedicated to sign notation and sign writing as well as image processing. In 2006, at LREC in Genova, the focus was on information technology in learning sign language or learning with sign language. At the third incarnation of this workshop in Marrakesh in 2008, the focus already was on corpora. At LREC 2010 in Malta, we had another workshop with more than 100 participants focussing on corpora. At LREC 2012 in Istanbul, we narrowed the focus a bit down to one of the hot topics in discussions on sign language corpora: The interactions between corpus and lexicon. At LREC 2014 in Reykjavik, we had another workshop focussing on specific aspects of sign language corpora: How to deal with anything except the manual channel. At LREC 2016 in Portorož, the focus was on Corpus Mining. At LREC 2018 in Miyazaki, the hot topic was Involving the Language Community.

At LREC 2020 in Marseille, the hot topic was Sign Language Resources in the Service of the Language Community, Technological Challenges and Application Perspectives.

In the upcoming LREC 2022 in Marseille, the hot topic is Multilingual Sign Language Resources.

All sign language papers of this workshops series as well as main conference papers dealing with sign language can be found in the sign-lang@LREC Anthology.

Proceedings volumes of the workshops are all available online: