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10th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Multilingual Sign Language Resources


If you are doing corpus work on sign language or are planning to get started on this, we really recommend that you attend the main conference as well, not only our workshop. LREC is an excellent opportunity to learn about the state of the art in language resources for oral languages, and in many contexts this comparison defines our wish lists. Visit the web site and check yourself what LREC has to offer for you: LREC 2022.

Main conference papers on sign language:

274 P13(Tue)Jung-Ho Kim, Eui Jun Hwang, Sukmin Cho, Du Hui Lee and Jong Park
Sign Language Production With Avatar Layering: A Critical Use Case over Rare Words
495 P30 (Thu)Thierry Declerck
Towards a new Ontology for Sign Languages
509 RJin Yea Jang, Han-Mu Park, Saim Shin, Suna Shin, Byungcheon Yoon and Gahgene Gweon
Automatic Gloss-level Data Augmentation for Sign Language Translation
523 RKonstantinos M. Dafnis, Evgenia Chroni, Carol Neidle and Dimitri Metaxas
Bidirectional Skeleton-Based Isolated Sign Recognition using Graph Convolution Networks and Transfer Learning
678 P13 (Tue)Camille Challant and Michael Filhol
A First Corpus of AZee Discourse Expressions
824 P20 (Wed)Mirella De Sisto, Vincent Vandeghinste, Santiago Egea Gómez, Mathieu De Coster and Dimitar Shterionov
Challenges with Sign Language Datasets for Sign Language Recognition and Translation
829 P20 (Wed)Clémence Mertz, Vincent BARREAUD, Thibaut Le Naour, Damien Lolive and Sylvie Gibet
A Low-Cost Motion Capture Corpus in French Sign Language for Interpreting Iconicity and Spatial Referencing Mechanisms
844 P1 (Tue)Marc Schulder and Thomas Hanke
How to be FAIR when you CARE: The DGS Corpus as a Case Study of Open Science Resources for Minority Languages
972 P20 (Wed)Elise Bertin-Lemée, Annelies Braffort, Camille Challant, Claire Danet, Boris Dauriac, Michael Filhol, Emmanuella Martinod and Jérémie Segouat
Rosetta-LSF: an Aligned Corpus of French Sign Language and French for Text-to-Sign Translation
1049 P20 (Wed)Antonio F. G. Sevilla, Alberto Díaz Esteban, José María Lahoz-Begoechea
Quevedo: Annotation and Processing of Graphical Languages
1117 P20 (Wed)Medet Mukushev, Aidyn Ubingazhibov, Aigerim Kydyrbekova, Alfarabi Imashev, Vadim Kimmelman and Anara Sandygulova
Crowdsourcing Kazakh-Russian Sign Language: DailySigners-50