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Crowdsourcing Kazakh-Russian Sign Language: FluentSigners-50

Mukushev, Medet | Ubingazhibov, Aidyn | Kydyrbekova, Aigerim | Imashev, Alfarabi | Kimmelman, Vadim | Sandygulova, Anara

Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2022)
Marseille, France
20 to 25 June 2022
European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
CC BY-NC 4.0


This paper presents the methodology we used to crowdsource a data collection of a new large-scale signer independent dataset for Kazakh-Russian Sign Language (KRSL) created for Sign Language Processing. By involving the Deaf community throughout the research process, we firstly designed a research protocol and then performed an efficient crowdsourcing campaign that resulted in a new FluentSigners-50 dataset. The FluentSigners-50 dataset consists of 173 sentences performed by 50 KRSL signers for 43,250 video samples. Dataset contributors recorded videos in real-life settings on various backgrounds using various devices such as smartphones and web cameras. Therefore, each dataset contribution has a varying distance to the camera, camera angles and aspect ratio, video quality, and frame rates. Additionally, the proposed dataset contains a high degree of linguistic and inter-signer variability and thus is a better training set for recognizing a real-life signed speech. FluentSigners-50 is publicly available at

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