Warning and Prohibition Signs

Try to find out with your dialogue partner what the warning and prohibition signs mean.

A warning sign: Triangular, black on yellow background, person upside down with downwards arrow A warning sign: Round, red circle and diagonal line covering a bath tube with shower
  • Stimuli: warning and prohibition signs from various countries
  • Target: negations

Caution (Biker on marked Bike Path) Bremen | dgskorpus_hb_06 | 31-60mf

Caution (Leaking Battery) Bremen | dgskorpus_hb_07 | 18-30m

Caution (Person falling to the Floor) München (Munich) | dgskorpus_mue_12 | 46-60f

Caution (Person on Platform falling towards Tracks) Bremen | dgskorpus_hb_01 | 31-45m

Caution (Radioactivity, Danger to Life, Person Diverging) Hamburg | dgskorpus_hh_06 | 61+mf

Caution (Rail Car-Draisine) Hamburg | dgskorpus_hh_03 | 46-60m

Notification (Biking etc., Correct Helmet Position for Children) Bremen | dgskorpus_hb_02 | 46-60f

Notification (Prohibition Loudness) Hamburg | dgskorpus_hh_03 | 46-60m

Notification (Prohibition of Warm Foods and Alcohol) Hamburg | dgskorpus_hh_06 | 61+mf

Prohibition (Bathtub with Shower) München (Munich) | dgskorpus_mue_12 | 46-60f

Prohibition (Horse in Shower) München (Munich) | dgskorpus_mue_10 | 31+m

Prohibition (Person Walks to Car) Bremen | dgskorpus_hb_02 | 46-60f

Prohibition (Person with Saw on Bench) Bremen | dgskorpus_hb_06 | 31-60mf

Prohibition (Person with Shoes on Opposing Bench) Hamburg | dgskorpus_hh_04 | 46-60m

Prohibition (Woman in Bikini, Man in Swimming Trunks) Hamburg | dgskorpus_hh_06 | 61+mf

Prohibtion (Person in Water Ditch) Hamburg | dgskorpus_hh_02 | 31-45f