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Korean Sign Language Corpus

The Korean Sign Language Corpus is a collection of videos of Korean Sign Language signers from South Korea. The KSL Corpus Project started in 2015 and has been gradually expanded since then.

Signers were presented to 13–18 tasks, some of which are based on the elicitation methods of the DGS Corpus Nishio et al. (2010) and were adapted to Korean deaf culture. The tasks used are: Sign Name, Jokes, Sylvester and Tweety, tie story, discussion, Warning and prohibition signs, What did you do when it happened, Subject areas, Lexical elicitation, Deaf events, picutre story, new vs. old sign, stories from deaf schools, hobbies, Your region, memorable day, and advantages and disadvantages of being deaf.

One session lasted approximately three hours. Participants were sitting opposite each other in front of blue or green backgrounds. Three cameras were used. The project is hosted by the National Institute of Korean Language, Promotion Division of Special Languages.

Language Korean Sign Language
Size 90 hours of recording
Participants 230 participants
Deaf, native and near-native signers
19 years and older
Metadata Format not available
Translation Korean, approximately one third of the data
Annotation Annotation Conventions in written Korean
Almost 17 hours annotated
Data Format ELAN
Licence not available
Access not available
Webpage not available
Institutions National Institute of Korean Language, Promotion Division of Special Languages
Korea National University of Welfare
Publications Hong et al. (2018)
Hong et al. (2018b)

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