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Data Collection Task

What did you do when it happened

Informants are presented to shocking or moving events in the past, e.g. the moon landing, the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, 9/11 or the death of Princess Diana and asked to report how they felt and what they did when they heard about the event. The description is signed and accompanied with pictures to evoke memories. Aim of the task is a lively description in monologues or dialogues and the collection of information on how deaf people experienced the events with their limited access to information.

Stimulus Signed instruction and pictures
Target Lively signing, documentation of Deaf culture
Degree of Interaction Middle (can be monologues and dialogues)
Duration 20 min
Source See Nishio et al. (2010)

Task uses in corpora

Corpus DGS Corpus
Corpus Language German Sign Language
# recordings – open access 52
# recordings – restricted access 279
Data available
Corpus PJM Corpus
Corpus Language Polish Sign Language
# recordings – open access 0
# recordings – restricted access not available
Data available none

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