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Data Collection Task

Your region

The informants are asked to talk about the specialities of the region they live in. Examples named are typical culinary specialities, sites, landscapes, products, customs, etc. In the DGS Corpus signers were grouped by region to facilitate the exchange on this topic. The aim of the task is to collect signs for names of places, famous happening, etc. and a discourse type of text.

Stimulus Signed instruction
Target Signs for names of places and famous happenings
Degree of Interaction High (discourse)
Duration 20 min
Source See Nishio et al. (2010)

Task uses in corpora

Corpus DGS Corpus
Corpus Language German Sign Language
# recordings – open access 13
# recordings – restricted access 67
Data available
Corpus PJM Corpus
Corpus Language Polish Sign Language
# recordings – open access 0
# recordings – restricted access not available
Data available none

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