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LESCO Corpus

The LESCO Corpus is a collection of videos of Costa Rican Sign Language signers. Of a total of 196 filming sessions, producing 34 hours of recording and involving 141 signers 44 films showing 27 signers and totalling in 2 hours of recodring were selected for the corpus.

The corpus was produced between 2010 and 2013 in a project led by Alejandro Oviedo and Christian Ramírez Valerio.

The signers are filmed in a dialogic situation with a Deaf researcher present. Filming was done with two to three cameras, filming each participant and – for some filming – a close-up of the informants face. The data contains elicitation with a structured interview based on a questionaire, unstructured dialogue between informant and a Deaf researcher, unstructured dialogue between two informants, narration of a cartoon short film and free narration about personal anecdotes.

On basis of the LESCO Corpus the Dictionary of LESCO and a grammar of LESCO are created.

Language Costa Rican Sign Language
Size 34 hours of recording
44 films selected for the corpus
Participants 141 participants in total of which 27 were selected for the corpus
32 years old in avarage
13 female, 14 male
From Central Valles
Metadata Format not available
Translation Spanish, size unknown
Annotation Translation and ID-glosses in Spanish, manual and non-manual parameters annotated
Made by five Deaf LESCO users
Data Format ELAN
Licence CC BY-NC-SA
Access not available
Institution Centro Nacional de Recursos para la Educación Inclusiva (CENAREC)
Publications Oviedo and Ramírez Valerio (2018)

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