DOI: /10.25592/dgs.wn

What is the Multilingual Sign Languages Wordnet?

This is an ongoing project to add several European sign languages to the Open Multilingual Wordnet. It is part of the ongoing EASIER project, whose goal is to create an intelligent translation framework for sign languages. This Wordnet aims at connecting signs with a shared meaning accross languages.

The current available version covers German Sign Language, Greek Sign Language, British Sign Language, Sign Language of the Netherlands, French Sign Language, Swiss German Sign Language, Swedish Sign Language and Polish Sign Language. It contains 24,367 links between 14,028 signs and 16,534 synsets. It is a work in progress and the coverage is still limited. For more information, see EASIER report D6.5

Publication / How to cite

When referencing the Multilingual Sign Language Wordnet, please cite:

Sam Bigeard, Marc Schulder, Maria Kopf, Thomas Hanke, Kiki Vasilaki, Anna Vacalopoulou, Theodoros Goulas, Athanasia-Lida Dimou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, and Eleni Efthimiou. 2022. Introducing Sign Languages to a Multilingual Wordnet: Bootstrapping Corpora and Lexical Resources of Greek Sign Language and German Sign Language. In Proceedings of the LREC2022 10th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Multilingual Sign Language Resources, pages 9–15, Marseille, France. European Language Resources Association (ELRA). URL: