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Woordenboek Vlaamse Gebarentaal

The Woordenboek Vlaamse Gebarentaal is a dictionary for Flemish Sign Language and Dutch.

The content is based on the Global Signbank - VGT; at the moment approximately half of the signs from the Signbank are published in the dictionary. A committee of deaf near-native signers meets regularly and decides which signs should be added to the dictionary. Quanitative data from the Corpus Vlaamse Gebarentaal is used to support the decisions.

Signs can be searched via Dutch keywords, handshapes and locations. Signs can also be searched by regional variant or semantic category, as signs are assigned to one or more semantic categories.

Languages Flemish Sign Language, Dutch
Size 10000 entries
Linguistic Information Citation form, phonological information, semantic category, lexical variants, related signs, similar signs, Dutch translations
Licence not available
Access Public access via browsable homepage
Institution Flemish Sign Language Center (VGTC)
Publications Vermeerbergen and Van Herreweghe (2018)
Brosens et al. (2022)

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