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Global Signbank - VGT

The dataset of VGT at the Global Signbank is a restricted dataset of Flemish Sign Language signs collected by Onno Crasborn and Sam Verstraete. The dataset is owned by the Vlaams Gebarentaal Centrum, Antwerp.

The Global Signbank - VGT dataset is the central hub for lexicographic data for Flemish Sign Language. Team members of the Vlaams Gebarentaal Centrum (VGTC) are adding signs to the Global Signbank VGT dataset from various sources. It contains all signs from the Woordenboek Vlaamse Gebarentaal and all results of lexicographical research done by the VGTC after 2004. The Corpus Vlaamse Gebarentaal is working on a link between Signbank and ELAN.

Members of Radboud University and Vlaams Gebarentaal Centrum are allowed to use the dataset.

Languages Flemish Sign Language, Dutch, English
Size 16928 signs
Linguistic Information unique glosses, morphological, phonolgical and semantical information, SignWriting
Licence not available
Access Restricted access
Institution Vlaams Gebarentaal Centrum, Antwerp
Publications Brosens et al. (2022)

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