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Global Signbank - NGT

The dataset of NGT in the Global Signbank was built on data from the ECHO Corpus, Corpus NGT and Handy Signs. The lexicon data is directly linked to the Corpus NGT. The database was built at Radboud University under the lead of Onno Crasborn.

The Sign Language of the Netherlands dataset is connected to Concepticon (List et al., 2021), a resource connecting different concept lists used in linguistic literature (see Börstell et al., 2020).

The software of Global Signbank was originally developed as an Sign Language of the Netherlands Signbank fork of the original Auslan Signbank software that added features relevant to Sign Language of the Netherlands research. It was then further extended to support multiple languages, resulting in Global Signbank.

Languages Sign Language of the Netherlands, Dutch, English
Size 4167 signs
Linguistic Information Glosses in Dutch and English, citation forms, translation into Dutch and English, disambiguation word combinations in Dutch, phonetic information
Licence CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Access 3950 signs public accessible via homepage, confirmed registered user can access more data
Institution Radboud University

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Onno Crasborn, Richard Bank, Inge Zwitserlood, Els van der Kooij, Ellen Ormel, Johan Ros, Anique Schüller, Anne de Meijer, Merel van Zuilen, Yassine Ellen Nauta, Frouke van Winsum, & Max Vonk (2020) NGT dataset in Global Signbank. Nijmegen: Radboud University, Centre for Language Studies. ISLRN: 976-021-358-388-6, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2839.1446.

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