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Auslan Signbank

The Auslan Signbank is a collection of different resources containing a dictionary for Auslan, information on the deaf community in Australia, and links to classes for Auslan. Signs are searchable via english keywords, english letters and categories, and can be narrowed down for a specific dialect. The Auslan Signbank is connected to the Auslan Corpus.

Languages Auslan, English
Size 4912 signs
Linguistic Information Citation form of variants, english keywords, definitions and notes, part of speech, distribution
Licence CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Access Public access via browsable homepage, for more detailed information confirmed registration needed
Institution The Myer Foundation, Sidney Myer Fund, Next Sense, Telstra Foundation, Macquarie University, AMP, deaf connect Ed, Deaf Services, Monash University, Australian Research Data Commons

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