pjm.630 limit / stop / granica

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  • stay
  • detain
  • delay
stop or halt
  • Please stay the bloodshed!
Manual validation GSL
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  • discontinue
  • stop
  • cease
  • give up
  • quit
  • lay off
put an end to a state or an activity
  • Quit teasing your little brother
Manual validation DGS
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  • obstacle
  • obstruction
something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted
  • lack of imagination is an obstacle to one's advancement
  • the poverty of a district is an obstacle to good education
  • the filibuster was a major obstruction to the success of their plan
Manual validation GSL
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  • limit
  • limitation
the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed
  • there are limits on the amount you can bet
  • it is growing rapidly with no limitation in sight
Manual validation GSL