pjm.1565 q: okropność/okropny/staroświecki

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  • appalling
  • dismaying
causing consternation
  • appalling conditions
Manual validation BSL
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  • atrocious
  • frightful
  • horrifying
  • horrible
  • ugly
provoking horror; ; ; ; - Winston Churchill
  • an ugly wound
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  • fearful
  • fearsome
  • frightening
  • horrendous
  • horrific
  • terrible
causing fear or dread or terror
  • the dread presence of the headmaster
  • polio is no longer the dreaded disease it once was
  • a dreadful storm
  • a fearful howling
  • horrendous explosions shook the city
  • a terrible curse
Manual validation BSL
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  • passe
  • passee
out of fashion
  • a suit of rather antique appearance
  • demode (or outmoded) attire
  • outmoded ideas
Manual validation BSL
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  • wretched
morally reprehensible
  • would do something as despicable as murder
  • ugly crimes
  • the vile development of slavery appalled them
  • a slimy little liar
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  • severe
  • terrible
  • wicked
intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality
  • a wicked cough
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