pjm.1019 goły / pusty / łysy

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  • hairless
having no hair or fur
  • a Mexican Hairless is about the size of a fox terrier and hairless except for a tufts on the head and tail
Manual validation
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  • bare
  • au naturel
  • naked
  • nude
completely unclothed
  • bare bodies
  • naked from the waist up
  • a nude model
Manual validation
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  • exposed
  • uncovered
not covered with clothing
  • her exposed breast
Manual validation
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  • empty
holding or containing nothing
  • an empty glass
  • an empty room
  • full of empty seats
  • empty hours
Manual validation GSL
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  • baldhead
  • baldpate
  • baldy
a person whose head is bald
Manual validation