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  • continue
exist over a prolonged period of time
  • The bad weather continued for two more weeks
Manual validation GSL
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  • fall out
  • come about
  • take place
come to pass
  • What is happening?
  • The meeting took place off without an incidence
  • Nothing occurred that seemed important
Manual validation
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  • proceed
  • go forward
  • continue
move ahead; travel onward in time or space
  • We proceeded towards Washington
  • She continued in the direction of the hills
  • We are moving ahead in time now
Manual validation GSL
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  • grow
come into existence; take on form or shape
  • A new religious movement originated in that country
  • a love that sprang up from friendship
  • the idea for the book grew out of a short story
  • An interesting phenomenon uprose
Manual validation PJM
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  • continue
  • uphold
  • carry on
  • bear on
  • preserve
keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last
  • preserve the peace in the family
  • continue the family tradition
  • Carry on the old traditions
Manual validation DSGS