11th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Evaluation of Sign Language Resources


This workshop:

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Poster elevator pitches will be presented at the end of sessions A (for sessions B and R) and C (for session D).

24001 ARonice M. de Quadros, Christian Rathmann, Peter Zalán Romanek, Francisco Fernandes and Sther CondéSignbank 2.0 of Sign Languages: Easy to Administer, Easy to Use, Easy to Share
24002 DChristian Rathmann, Ronice M. de Quadros, Thomas Geißler, Christian Peters, Francisco Fernandes, Milene Peixer Loio and Diego FrançaVisuoLab: Building a sign language multilingual, multimodal and multifunctional platform
24003 RCarl BörstellEvaluating the Alignment of Utterances in the Swedish Sign Language Corpus
24004 BTaro Miyazaki, Sihan Tan, Tsubasa Uchida and Hiroyuki KanekoSign Language Translation with Gloss Pair Encoding
24005 DMargaux Marie Christelle Susman and Vadim KimmelmanEye Blink Detection in Sign Language Data Using CNNs and Rule-Based Methods
24006 DSihan Tan, Taro Miyazaki, Katsutoshi Itoyama and Kazuhiro NakadaiSEDA: Simple and Effective Data Augmentation for Sign Language Understanding
24007 CJohanna Mesch, Thomas Björkstrand, Eira Balkstam, Patrick Hansson and Nikolaus Riemer KankkonenSwedish sign language resources from a user's perspective
24008 DVadim Kimmelman, Marloes Oomen and Roland PfauHeadshakes in NGT: Relation between Phonetic Properties & Linguistic Functions
24009 BVadim Kimmelman, Ari Price, Josefina Safar, Connie De Vos and Jan BullaNonmanual Marking of Questions in Balinese Homesign Interactions: a Computer-Vision Assisted Analysis
24010 BKathleen Currie Hall, Anushka Asthana, Maggie Reid, Yiran Gao, Grace Hobby, Oksana Tkachman and Kaili VesikPhonological Transcription of the Canadian Dictionary of ASL as a Language Resource
24011 CTsubasa Uchida, Taro Miyazaki and Hiroyuki KanekoHamNoSys-based Motion Editing Method for Sign Language
24012 DJulie Lascar, Michèle Gouiffès, Annelies Braffort and Claire DanetAnnotation of LSF subtitled videos without a pre-existing dictionary
24013 RMayumi Bono, Tomohiro Okada, Victor Skobov and Robert AdamData Integration, Annotation, and Transcription Methods for Sign Language Dialogue with Latency in Videoconferencing
24014 RZhaoyang Xia, Yang Zhou, Ligong Han, Carol Neidle and Dimitris N. MetaxasDiffusion Models for Sign Language Video Anonymization
24015 RYang Zhou, Zhaoyang Xia, Yuxiao Chen, Carol Neidle and Dimitris N. MetaxasA Multimodal Spatio-Temporal GCN Model with Enhancements for Isolated Sign Recognition
24016 BMichael Filhol and Thomas Von AschebergA software editor for the AZVD graphical Sign Language representation system
24018 BJohn McDonald, Eleni Efthimiou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea and Rosalee WolfeMultilingual Synthesis of Depictions through Structured Descriptions of Sign: An Initial Case Study
24019 DAlessia Battisti, Katja Tissi, Sandra Sidler-Miserez and Sarah EblingAdvancing Annotation for Continuous Data in Swiss German Sign Language
24021 DFrankie Picron, Davy Van Landuyt, Rehana Omardeen, Eleni Efthimiou, Rosalee Wolfe, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Theodore Goulas, Christian Tismer, Maria Kopf and Thomas HankeThe EASIER Mobile Application and Avatar End-User Evaluation Methodology
24022 DJundai Inoue, Makoto Miwa, Yutaka Sasaki and Daisuke HaraEnhancing Syllabic Component Classification in Japanese Sign Language by Pre-training on Non-Japanese Sign Language Data
24023 BAlfarabi ImashevRetrospective of Kazakh-Russian Sign Language Corpus Formation
24024 BJulie Halbout, Diandra Fabre, Yanis Ouakrim, Julie Lascar, Annelies Braffort, Michèle Gouiffès and Denis BeautempsMatignon-LSF: a Large Corpus of Interpreted French Sign Language (LSF)
24025 BAlessia Battisti, Emma van den Bold, Anne Göhring, Franz Holzknecht and Sarah EblingPerson Identification from Pose Estimates in Sign Language
24026 RCarl BörstellHow to Approach Lexical Variation in Sign Language Corpora
24027 BNiels Martinez and Arturo CurielQuantitative Analysis of Hand Locations in both Sign Language and Non-linguistic Gesture Videos
24028 RJung-Ho Kim, Changyong Ko, Mathew John Huerta-Enochian and Seung Yong KoShedding Light on the Underexplored: Tackling the Minor Sign Language Research Topics
24030 DOline A. Ranum, Jari Andersen, Robert Belleman, Gomèr Otterspeer and Floris Roelofsen3D-LEX v1.0 3D Lexicons for American Sign Language and Sign Language of the Netherlands
24031 DClément Reverdy, Sylvie Gibet and Thibaut Le NaourSTK LSF: A Motion Capture Dataset in LSF for SignToKids
24033 BManuel Vazquez-Enriquez, Jose Luis Alba-Castro, Ania Perez-Perez, María del Carmen Cabeza-Pereiro and Laura Docio-FernandezSignaMed: a Cooperative Bilingual LSE-Spanish Dictionary in the Healthcare Domain
24034 BMarc Schulder, Sam Bigeard, Maria Kopf, Thomas Hanke, Anna Kuder, Joanna Wójcicka, Johanna Mesch, Thomas Björkstrand, Anna Vacalopoulou, Kyriaki Vasilaki, Theodore Goulas, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea and Eleni EfthimiouSigns and Synonymity: Continuing Development of the Multilingual Sign Language Wordnet
24036 DUlrika Klomp, Lisa Gierman, Pieter Manders, Ellen Nauta, Gomèr Otterspeer, Ray Pelupessy, Galya Stern, Dalene Venter, Casper Wubbolts, Marloes Oomen and Floris RoelofsenAn Extension of the NGT Dataset in Global Signbank
24037 BRobert Gavrilescu, Carlo Geraci and Johanna MeschContent Questions in Sign Language From theory to language description via corpus, experiments, and fieldwork
24038 DEmmanuella Martinod and Michael FilholFormal Representation of Interrogation in French Sign Language
24039 BGabriele Langer, Anke Müller, Sabrina Waehl, Felicitas Otte, Lea Sepke and Thomas HankeIntroducing the DW-DGS – The Digital Dictionary of DGS
24040 RKarahan Şahin and Kadir GökgözDecoding Sign Languages: The SL-FE Framework for Phonological Analysis and Automated Annotation
24041 DParitosh Sharma, Camille Challant and Michael FilholFacial Expressions for Sign Language Synthesis using FACSHuman and AZee
24042 BLyke D. Esselink, Marloes Oomen and Floris RoelofsenEvaluating Inter-Annotator Agreement for Non-Manual Markers in Sign Languages
24043 DHafiz Muhammad Sarmad Khan, Irene Murtagh and Simon D. McLoughlinInvestigating Motion History Images and Convolutional Neural Networks for Isolated Irish Sign Language Fingerspelling Recognition
24044 BGomèr Otterspeer, Floris Roelofsen and Ulrika KlompSignCollect: A ‘Touchless' Pipeline for Constructing Large-scale Sign Language Repositories
24045 AAashaka Desai, Maartje De Meulder, Julie Hochgesang, Annemarie Kocab and Alex X. LuSystemic Biases in Sign Language AI Research: A Deaf-Led Call to Reevaluate Research Agendas
24047 BFredrik Malmberg, Anna Klezovich, Johanna Mesch and Jonas BeskowExploring Latent Sign Language Representations with Isolated Signs, Sentences and In-the-Wild Data
24049 DEvguenia A. Malaia, Joshua Borneman and Sevgi GurbuzCapturing Motion: Using Radar to Build Better Sign Language Corpora
24050 DReiner Konrad, Thomas Hanke, Amy Isard, Marc Schulder, Lutz König, Julian Bleicken and Oliver BöseCorpus à la carte – Improving Access to the Public DGS Corpus
24052 RKyunggeun Roh, Huije Lee, Eui Jun Hwang, Sukmin Cho and Jong ParkPreprocessing Mediapipe Keypoints with Keypoint Reconstruction and Anchors for Isolated Sign Language Recognition
24053 DAmy IsardBuilding Your Query Step by Step: A Query Wizard for the MY DGS – ANNIS Portal of the DGS Corpus

LREC-COLING main conference papers on sign language:

183lianyu hu, Liqing Gao, Zekang Liu and Wei FengDynamic Spatial-Temporal Aggregation for Skeleton-Aware Sign Language Recognition
404Zhigang Chen, Benjia Zhou, Jun Li, Jun Wan, Zhen Lei, Ning Jiang, Quan Lu and Guoqing ZhaoFactorized Learning Assisted with Large Language Model for Gloss-free Sign Language Translation
469Wooyoung Kim, TaeYong Kim, Byeongjin KIM, Myeong Jin MJ Lee, Gitaek Lee, kirok kim, Jisoo Cha and Wooju KimKorean Disaster Safety Information Sign Language Translation Benchmark Dataset
483Julia Krebs, Evguenia A. Malaia, Isabella Fessl, Hans-Peter Wiesinger, Dietmar Roehm, Ronnie Wilbur and Hermann SchwamederMotion Capture Analysis of Verb and Adjective Types in Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS)
663Harry Walsh, Ben Saunders and Richard BowdenSelect and Reorder: A Novel Approach for Neural Sign Language Production
867Jung-Ho Kim, Mathew John Huerta-Enochian, Changyong Ko and Du Hui LeeSignBLEU: Automatic Evaluation of Multi-channel Sign Language Translation
1223Alfarabi Imashev, Nurziya Oralbayeva, Gulmira Baizhanova and Anara SandygulovaComparative Analysis of Sign Language Interpreting Agents Perception: A Study of the Deaf
1439Joe Huamani-Malca, Miguel Rodriguez Mondoñedo, Francisco Cerna-Herrera, Gissella Bejarano, Carlos Vásquez Roque, Cesar Augusto Ramos Cantu and Sabina Oporto PérezLessons from Deploying the First Bilingual Peruvian Sign Language - Spanish Online Dictionary
1621Xiaohan Ma, Rize Jin and Tae-Sun ChungMulti-Channel Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Sign Language Production
2131Fabrizio Nunnari, Eleftherios Avramidis, Cristina España-Bonet, Marco González, Anna Hennes and Patrick GebhardDGS-Fabeln-1: A Multi-Angle Parallel Corpus of Fairy Tales between German Sign Language and German Text
2136Camille Challant and Michael FilholExtending AZee with Non-manual Gesture Rules for French Sign Language
2180Zifan Jiang, Anne Göhring, Amit Moryossef, Rico Sennrich and Sarah EblingSwissSLi: the Multi-parallel Sign Language Corpus for Switzerland
2239Antonio F. G. Sevilla, José María Lahoz-Bengoechea and ALBERTO DIAZAutomated Extraction of Prosodic Structure from Unannotated Sign Language Video
2413Ruth M. Holmes, Ellen Rushe and anthony ventresqueThe Key Points: Using Feature Importance to Identify Shortcomings in Sign Language Recognition Models
2691Zhe NIU, Ronglai Zuo, Brian Mak and Fangyun WeiA Hong Kong Sign Language Corpus Collected from Sign-interpreted TV News
2771Fan Xu, Kai Liu, Yifeng Yang and Keyu YanWW-CSL: A New Dataset for Word-Based Wearable Chinese Sign Language Detection
3267Tong Sun, Biao Fu, Cong Hu, Liang Zhang, Ruiquan Zhang, xiaodong shi, Jinsong Su and Yidong ChenAdaptive Simultaneous Sign Language Translation with Confident Translation Length Estimation