11th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Evaluation of Sign Language Resources


If you are doing corpus work on sign language or are planning to get started on this, we really recommend that you attend the main conference as well, not only our workshop. LREC-COLING is an excellent opportunity to learn about the state of the art in language resources for oral languages, and in many contexts this comparison defines our wish lists. Visit the web site and check yourself what LREC-COLING has to offer for you: LREC-COLING 2024.

Main conference papers on sign language:

Room 1
867Jung-Ho Kim, Mathew John Huerta-Enochian, Changyong Ko and Du Hui LeeSignBLEU: Automatic Evaluation of Multi-channel Sign Language Translation
Auditorium Agnelli
663Harry Walsh, Ben Saunders and Richard BowdenSelect and Reorder: A Novel Approach for Neural Sign Language Production
Poster Area I
1439Joe Huamani-Malca, Miguel Rodriguez Mondoñedo, Francisco Cerna-Herrera, Gissella Bejarano, Carlos Vásquez Roque, Cesar Augusto Ramos Cantu and Sabina Oporto PérezLessons from Deploying the First Bilingual Peruvian Sign Language - Spanish Online Dictionary
1621Xiaohan Ma, Rize Jin and Tae-Sun ChungMulti-Channel Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Sign Language Production
2136Camille Challant and Michael FilholExtending AZee with Non-manual Gesture Rules for French Sign Language
Room 500
2131Fabrizio Nunnari, Eleftherios Avramidis, Cristina España-Bonet, Marco González, Anna Hennes and Patrick GebhardDGS-Fabeln-1: A Multi-Angle Parallel Corpus of Fairy Tales between German Sign Language and German Text
Poster Area I
404Zhigang Chen, Benjia Zhou, Jun Li, Jun Wan, Zhen Lei, Ning Jiang, Quan Lu and Guoqing ZhaoFactorized Learning Assisted with Large Language Model for Gloss-free Sign Language Translation
483Julia Krebs, Evguenia A. Malaia, Isabella Fessl, Hans-Peter Wiesinger, Dietmar Roehm, Ronnie Wilbur and Hermann SchwamederMotion Capture Analysis of Verb and Adjective Types in Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS)
2180Zifan Jiang, Anne Göhring, Amit Moryossef, Rico Sennrich and Sarah EblingSwissSLi: the Multi-parallel Sign Language Corpus for Switzerland
2239Antonio F. G. Sevilla, José María Lahoz-Bengoechea and ALBERTO DIAZAutomated Extraction of Prosodic Structure from Unannotated Sign Language Video
2413Ruth M. Holmes, Ellen Rushe and anthony ventresqueThe Key Points: Using Feature Importance to Identify Shortcomings in Sign Language Recognition Models
Room Londra
2691Zhe NIU, Ronglai Zuo, Brian Mak and Fangyun WeiA Hong Kong Sign Language Corpus Collected from Sign-interpreted TV News
Room 2
183lianyu hu, Liqing Gao, Zekang Liu and Wei FengDynamic Spatial-Temporal Aggregation for Skeleton-Aware Sign Language Recognition
Room 4
2771Fan Xu, Kai Liu, Yifeng Yang and Keyu YanWW-CSL: A New Dataset for Word-Based Wearable Chinese Sign Language Detection
Poster Area II
469Wooyoung Kim, TaeYong Kim, Byeongjin KIM, Myeong Jin MJ Lee, Gitaek Lee, kirok kim, Jisoo Cha and Wooju KimKorean Disaster Safety Information Sign Language Translation Benchmark Dataset
1223Alfarabi Imashev, Nurziya Oralbayeva, Gulmira Baizhanova and Anara SandygulovaComparative Analysis of Sign Language Interpreting Agents Perception: A Study of the Deaf
Remote only?
3267Tong Sun, Biao Fu, Cong Hu, Liang Zhang, Ruiquan Zhang, xiaodong shi, Jinsong Su and Yidong ChenAdaptive Simultaneous Sign Language Translation with Confident Translation Length Estimation