The Sign Language Dataset Compendium

Data Collection Task

Role play

The participants are asked to imagine they have the opportunity to meet the mayor or a minister. They should convince them about some actions related to the Deaf community that should or should not happen. A list of actions is presented, e.g. the closing of Deaf clubs or interpreting in public TV. The participants have to prepare their arguments and present them to each other. The other signer can give advice or their opinion in the end.

Stimulus Signed instruction
Target Debate, reasoning
Degree of Interaction Middle (monologue with comments)
Duration 10–15 min

Task uses in corpora

Corpus Corpus LSFB
Corpus Language French Belgian Sign Language
# recordings – open access 0
# recordings – restricted access 41
Data available none
Corpus Visibase Corpus
Corpus Language Sign Language of the Netherlands
# recordings – open access 0
# recordings – restricted access not available
Data available none

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