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Filoseñando is a dictionary of Colombian Sign Language signs that are used for the academic concepts of the field of philosophy in the tenth grade of the Juan Nepomuceno Cadavid Educational Institution. The dictionary is available as a mobile application for Android.

The signs were collected in educational institutions in charge of the education of the Deaf in the metropolitan area of Itagüí, Columbia (Council of Medellín, Juan Nepomuceno Cadavid and FLHB).

The dictionary was developed and collected by Mariana Henao Gómez and María Camila Ramírez Vásquez at the Universidad de Antioquia in the realm of their bachelor thesis.

At the moment a prototype is available for download.

Languages Colombian Sign Language, Spanish
Size 41 terms with 89 videos
Linguistic Information Citation form, definition, lexicographical description, examples of usage
Licence not available
Access Public access to prototype
Webpage Prototype:
Institution Universidad de Antioquia, Facultad de Educación, Medellín, Colombia
Publications Mariana Henao Gómez and María Camila Ramírez Vásquez (2020)

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