Herzlich willkommen auf den Seiten des Hamburger Teilprojektes von EASIER!

Welcome to the web pages of the Hamburg part of the EASIER project!

The Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf (IDGS) at the University of Hamburg has been studying the linguistics of sign language for many years. Its researchers pioneered sign language research in Germany, and it is now one of the largest academic institutions on sign language world-wide. The institute’s academic teaching program comprises B.A., M.A., and Doctoral Programmes in Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf as well as in sign language interpreting. From the beginning, all research projects as well as the curriculum development were joint activities of Deaf and hearing staff. More than 40 employees work on different research projects with language resources being one of the major focus. In the EASIER project the UHH team leads the efforts on harmonizing language resources for their cross-lingual use and on enabling future extensions to even more sign languages through contact with and training for research groups across Europe.

Autumn School 25–26. September 2023

Here is the programme of the autumn school with links to the slides: Sign language data meets data science – data science meets sign linguistics.

Please note that, while the project has come to an end, support for data holders interested in pose analysis is still available! Please contact us at easier (at) dgs-korpus.de.

Reports published by the Hamburg team

  • Kopf, M., Schulder, M., and Hanke, T. (2021). Overview of datasets for the sign languages of Europe. Project Deliverable EASIER D6.1, EASIER Consortium. DOI: 10.25592/UHHFDM.9560.
  • Kopf, M., Schulder, M., Hanke, T., and Bigeard, S. (2022). Specification for the harmonization of sign language annotations. Project Deliverable EASIER D6.2, EASIER Consortium. DOI: 10.25592/UHHFDM.9842.
  • Bigeard, S., Schulder, M., Kopf, M., Hanke, T., Vasilaki, K., Vacalopoulou, A., Goulas, T., Dimou, A., Fotinea, S., Efthimiou, E., Fox, N., Crasborn, O., Westenberg, L., Ebling, S., Wawrinka, L., Mesch, J., Björkstrand, T., Kuder, A., Wójcicka, J. (2023). Extended Interlingual Index for Sign Languages. Deliverable D6.5, EASIER Consortium. DOI: 10.25592/UHHFDM.13847.


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