4th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Corpora and Sign Language Technologies

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General Issues (Sat am)

  • Trevor Johnston:
    Adding value to, and extracting of value from, a signed language corpus through secondary processing: implications for annotation schemas and corpus creation
  • Carlos R. Machado Oliveira:
    Adapting an Efficient Entry System for Sign Languages
  • Adam Schembri, Onno Crasborn:
    Issues in creating annotation standards for sign language description
  • Abdulaziz Almohimeed, Mike Wald, Robert Damper:
    An Arabic Sign Language Corpus for Instructional Language in School
  • Antonio Balvet:
    Issues underlying a common Sign Language Corpora annotation scheme
  • Genny Conte, Mirko Santoro, Carlo Geraci, Anna Cardinaletti:
    Why are you raising your eyebrows?
  • Eleni Efthimiou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Athanasia-Lida Dimou, Constandinos Kalimeris:
    Towards decoding Classifier function in GSL
  • Nedelina Ivanova:
    The Icelandic sign language dictionary project: some theoretical issues
  • Tommi Jantunen:
    A comparison of two linguistic sign identification methods
  • Ellen Ormel, Onno Crasborn, Els van der Kooij, Lianne van Dijken, Ellen Yassine Nauta, Jens Forster, Daniel Stein:
    Glossing a multi-purpose sign language corpus
  • Gudny Bjork Thorvaldsdottir:
    You Get Out What You Put In: The Beginnings of Phonetic and Phonological Coding in the Signs of Ireland Digital Corpus
  • Mark Wheatley, Annika Pabsch:
    Sign Language in Europe

Corpus Building (Sat am)

  • Nicola Bertoldi, Gabriele Tiotto, Paolo Prinetto, Elio Piccolo, Fabrizio Nunnari, Vincenzo Lombardo, Alessandro Mazzei, Rossana Damiano, Leonardo Lesmo, Andrea Del Principe:
    On the creation and the annotation of a large-scale Italian-LIS parallel corpus
  • Carlo Geraci, Robert Bayley, Chiara Branchini, Anna Cardinaletti, Carlo Cecchetto, Caterina Donati, Serena Giudice, Emiliano Mereghetti, Fabio Poletti, Mirko Santoro, Sandro Zucchi:
    Building a corpus for Italian Sign Language. Methodological issues and some preliminary results
  • Thomas Hanke, Lutz König, Sven Wagner, Silke Matthes:
    DGS Corpus & Dicta-Sign: The Hamburg Studio Setup
  • Julie A. Hochgesang, Pedro Pascual Villanueva, Gaurav Mathur, Diane Lillo-Martin:
    Building a Database while Considering Research Ethics in Sign Language Communities
  • Silke Matthes, Thomas Hanke, Jakob Storz, Eleni Efthimiou, Nassia Dimiou, Panagiotis Karioris, Annelies Braffort, Annick Choisier, Julia Pelhate, Eva Safar:
    Elicitation tasks and materials designed for Dicta-Sign's multi-lingual corpus
  • Rie Nishio, Sung-Eun Hong, Susanne König, Reiner Konrad, Gabriele Langer, Thomas Hanke, Christian Rathmann:
    Elicitation methods in the DGS (German Sign Language) Corpus Project
  • Mara Vendrame, Gabriele Tiotto:
    ATLAS Project: Forecast in Italian Sign Language and Annotation of Corpora

Tools (Sat pm)

  • Penny Boyes Braem, Onno Crasborn, Thomas Hanke:
    ELAN/iLex Comparisons
  • Helene Brashear, Zahoor Zafrulla, Thad Starner, Harley Hamilton, Peter Presti, Seungyon Lee:
    CopyCat: A Corpus for Verifying American Sign Language During Game Play by Deaf Children
  • Anna Cavender, Neva Cherniavsky, Jaehong Chon, Richard Ladner, Eve Riskin, Rahul Vanam, Jacob Wobbrock:
    MobileASL: Overcoming the technical challenges of mobile video conversation in sign language
  • Christophe Collet, Matilde Gonzalez, Fabien Milachon:
    Distributed System Architecture for Assisted Annotation of Sign Language Video Corpora
  • Onno Crasborn, Han Sloetjes:
    Using ELAN for annotating sign language corpora in a team setting
  • Thomas Hanke, Jakob Storz, Sven Wagner:
    iLex: Handling Multi-Camera Recordings
  • Markus Hofmann, Kyle Goslin, Brian Nolan, Lorraine Leeson, Haaris Sheikh:
    Development of a Moodle VLE Plug-in to Support Simultaneous Visualisation of a Collection of Multi-Media Sign Language Objects
  • Matt Huenerfauth, Pengfei Lu:
    Eliciting Spatial Reference for a Motion-Capture Corpus of American Sign Language Discourse
  • Stefano Masneri, Oliver Schreer, Daniel Schneider, Sebastian Tschöpel, Rolf Bardeli, Stefan Bordag, Eric Auer, Han Sloetjes, Peter Wittenburg:
    Towards semi-automatic annotation of video and audio corpora
  • Cedric Moreau, Bruno Mascret:
    Data organization in a collaborative sign language reference tool
  • Saori Tanaka, Yosuke Matsusaka, Kaoru Nakazono:
    Development of E-Learning Service of Computer Assisted Sign Language Learning: Online Version of CASLL

Avatar Technology and Synthesis (Sat pm)

  • Jerry Schnepp, Rosalee Wolfe, John C. McDonald:
    Synthetic Corpora: A Synergy of Linguistics and Computer Animation
  • Pavel Campr, Marek Hrúz, Jiří Langer, Jakub Kanis, Miloš Železný, Luděk Müller:
    Towards Czech on-line sign language dictionary – technological overview and data collection
  • Kyle Duarte, Sylvie Gibet:
    Corpus Design for Signing Avatars
  • Ralph Elliott, Javier Bueno, Richard Kennaway, John Glauert:
    Towards the Integration of Synthetic SL Animation with Avatars into Corpus Annotation Tools
  • Michael Filhol, Maxime Delorme, Annelies Braffort:
    Combining constraint-based models for Sign Language synthesis
  • Theodore Goulas, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Eleni Efthimiou, Michalis Pissaris:
    SiS-Builder: A Sign Synthesis Support Tool
  • Vince Jennings, Ralph Elliott, Richard Kennaway, John Glauert:
    Requirements for a Signing Avatar
  • Zdeněk Krňoul:
    New features in synthesis of sign language addressing non-manual component
  • Rubén San-Segundo, Verónica López, Raquel Martín, David Sánchez, Adolfo García:
    Language Resources for Spanish - Spanish Sign Language (LSE) Translation
  • Roberto Borgotallo, Carmen Marino, Elio Piccolo, Paolo Prinetto, Gabriele Tiotto, Mauro Rossini:
    A Multilanguage Database for supporting Sign Language Translation and Synthesis

Recognition (Sun am)

  • Vassilis Athitsos, Carol Neidle, Stan Sclaroff, Joan Nash, Alexandra Stefan, Ashwin Thangali, Haijing Wang, Quan Yuan:
    Large Lexicon Project: American Sign Language Video Corpus and Sign Language Indexing/Retrieval Algorithms
  • Nicholas Michael, Carol Neidle, Dimitris Metaxas:
    Computer-based recognition of facial expressions in ASL: from face tracking to linguistic interpretation
  • Helen Cooper, Richard Bowden:
    Sign Language Recognition using Linguistically Derived Sub-units.
  • Philippe Dreuw, Jens Forster, Yannick Gweth, Daniel Stein, Hermann Ney, Gregorio Martinez, Jaume Verges Llahi, Onno Crasborn, Ellen Ormel, Wei Du, Thomas Hoyoux, Justus Piater, Jose Miguel Moya Lazaro, Mark Wheatley:
    SignSpeak - Understanding, Recognition, and Translation of Sign Languages
  • Eleni Efthimiou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Thomas Hanke, John Glauert, Richard Bowden, Annelies Braffort, Christophe Collet, Petros Maragos, François Goudenove:
    DICTA-SIGN: Sign Language Recognition, Generation and Modelling with application in Deaf Communication
  • Jens Forster, Daniel Stein, Ellen Ormel, Onno Crasborn, Hermann Ney:
    Best Practice for Sign Language Data Collections Regarding the Needs of Data-Driven Recognition and Translation
  • Justus Piater, Thomas Hoyoux, Wei Du:
    Video Analysis for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
  • Vassilis Pitsikalis, Stavros Theodorakis, Petros Maragos:
    Data-Driven Sub-Units, Modeling Structure of Multiple Cues for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
  • Marina Serrano, Jesús Gumiel, José M. Moya:
    Automatic sign language recognition, translation: a social approach
  • Daniel Stein, Jens Forster, Uwe Zelle, Philippe Dreuw, Hermann Ney:
    RWTH-Phoenix: Analysis of the German Sign Language Weather Forecast Corpus
  • Ulrich von Agris, Karl-Friedrich Kraiss:
    SIGNUM Database: Video Corpus for Signer-Independent Continuous Sign Language Recognition
  • Alexander Voskresenskiy, Sergey Ilyin:
    About Recognition of Sign Language Gestures

Translation (Sun am)

  • Patrick Buehler, Mark Everingham, Andrew Zisserman:
    Exploiting signed TV broadcasts for automatic learning of British Sign Language
  • Guillem Massó, Toni Badia:
    Dealing with Sign Language Morphemes in Statistical Machine Translation
  • Sara Morrissey, Harold Somers, Robert Smith, Shane Gilchrist, Sandipan Dandapat:
    Building Sign Language Corpora for Use in Machine Translation
  • Eva Safar, John Glauert:
    Sign Language HPSG