4th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Corpora and Sign Language Technologies

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Abstracts are invited for a one-and-a-half-day workshop on sign language corpora to take place following the 2010 LREC conference. Recent technological developments allow sign language researchers to create relatively large video corpora of sign language use that were unimaginable ten years ago. Several national projects are currently underway, or about to start. This workshop aims to share experiences from current and past efforts: What are the technical problems that were encountered and the solutions created, what are the linguistic decisions taken? At the same time, the workshop shall also look into the future: How can we establish standards for linguistic tagging and metadata, avoid reinventing the wheel, but instead add sign language specifics to well-established or emerging best practices from the general Language Resources community?

Corpus data becoming available is essential for sign language technology, and at the same time, advances in technologies make corpus work more efficient. Reports on exploring these synergies are especially welcome.

We invite abstracts for 20-minutes papers or posters (with or without demonstrations) on the following topics:

  • Experiences in building sign language corpora
  • Elicitation methodology appropriate for corpus collection
  • Proposals for standards for linguistic annotation or for metadata descriptions
  • Experiences from linguistic research using corpora
  • Use of corpora in teaching and eLearning contexts
  • Use of (parallel) corpora in interpreting and translation studies
  • Language documentation and long-term accessibility for sign language data
  • Video compression and streaming for sign language
  • Tool development
  • Lexicon construction
  • Linking corpora and lexicons
  • Computer recognition and machine translation of sign language
  • Steps towards automatic annotation of sign language
  • Signing avatars

Short papers of both paper presentations and posters (4-6 pages) of this workshop will be published as workshop proceedings that are included in the conference package.

Please submit your abstract (max. 500 words) through the LREC START system at https://www.softconf.com/lrec2010/CSLT2010/ not later than Feb 17th, 2010.

When submitting a paper from the START page, authors will be asked to provide essential information about resources (in a broad sense, i.e. also technologies, standards, evaluation kits, etc.) that have been used for the work described in the paper or are a new result of your research. For further information on this new initiative, please refer to http://www.lrec-conf.org/lrec2010/?LREC2010-Map-of-Language-Resources.