7th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Corpus Mining

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The Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here.

The Proceedings can be downloaded here.

  • Csilla Bartha, Margit Holecz and Szabolcs Varjasi:
    The SIGNificant Chance Project and the Building of the First Hungarian Sign Language Corpus
  • Mohamed-El-Fatah Benchiheub, Bastien Berret and Annelies Braffort:
    Collecting and Analysing a Motion-Capture Corpus of French Sign Language
  • Carl Börstell and Robert Östling:
    Visualizing Lects in a Sign Language Corpus: Mining Lexical Variation Data in Lects of Swedish Sign Language
  • Carl Börstell, Mats Wiren, Johanna Mesch and Moa Gärdenfors:
    Towards an Annotation of Syntactic Structure in the Swedish Sign Language Corpus
  • Penny Boyes Braem and Sarah Ebling:
    Preventing Too Many Cooks from Spoiling the Broth: Some Questions and Suggestions for Collaboration between Projects in iLex
  • Deborah Chen Pichler, Julie Hochgesang, Doreen Simons and Diane Lillo-Martin:
    Community Input on Re-consenting for Data Sharing
  • Kearsy Cormier, Onno Crasborn and Richard Bank:
    Digging into Signs: Emerging Annotation Standards for Sign Language Corpora
  • Onno Crasborn, Richard Bank, Inge Zwitserlood, Els van der Kooij, Anique Schüller, Ellen Ormel, Ellen Nauta, Merel van Zuilen, Frouke van Winsum and Johan Ros:
    Linking Lexical and Corpus Data for Sign Languages: NGT Signbank and the Corpus NGT
  • Burcak Demircioğlu, Güllü Bülbül and Hatice Köse:
    Recognition of Sign Language Hand Shape Primitives With Leap Motion
  • Mark Dilsizian, Zhiqiang Tang, Dimitri Metaxas, Matt Huenerfauth and Carol Neidle:
    The Importance of 3D Motion Trajectories for Computer-based Sign Recognition
  • Sarah Ebling and Penny Boyes Braem:
    Linking a Web Lexicon of DSGS Technical Signs to iLex
  • Eleni Efthimiou, Evita Fotinea, Athanasia - Lida Dimou, Theodore Goulas, Panagiotis Karioris, Kyriaki Vasilaki, Anna Vacalopoulou and Michalis Pissaris:
    From a Sign Lexical Database to an SL Golden Corpus – the POLYTROPON SL Resource
  • Michael Filhol and Mohamed Nassime Hadjadj:
    Juxtaposition as a Form Feature - Syntax Captured and Explained rather than Assumed and Modelled
  • Jami N. Fisher, Julie Hochgesang and Meredith Tamminga:
    Examining Variation in the Absence of a 'Main' ASL Corpus: The Case of the Philadelphia Signs Project
  • Sílvia Gabarró-López and Laurence Meurant:
    Slicing your SL data into Basic Discourse Units (BDUs). Adapting the BDU model (syntax + prosody) to Signed Discourse
  • Thomas Hanke:
    Towards a Visual Sign Language Corpus Linguistics
  • Tommi Jantunen, Outi Pippuri, Tuija Wainio, Anna Puupponen and Jorma Laaksonen:
    Annotated video corpus on FinSL with Kinect and computer-vision data
  • Pavel Jedlička, Zdeněk Krňoul and Miloš Železný:
    Methods for Recognizing Interesting Events within Sign Language Motion Capture Data
  • Hernisa Kacorri, Ali Raza Syed, Matt Huenerfauth and Carol Neidle:
    Centroid-Based Exemplar Selection of ASL Non-Manual Expressions using Multidimensional Dynamic Time Warping and MPEG4 Features
  • Jarkko Keränen, Henna Syrjälä, Juhana Salonen and Ritva Takkinen:
    The Usability of the Annotation
  • Vadim Kimmelman:
    Transitivity in RSL: a corpus-based account
  • Oscar Koller, Hermann Ney and Richard Bowden:
    Automatic Alignment of HamNoSys Subunits for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
  • Ines Kozuh, Primož Kosec and Matjaž Debevc:
    Evaluating User Experience of the Online Dictionary of the Slovenian Sign Language
  • Zdeněk Krňoul, Jakub Kanis, Miloš Železný and Luděk Müller:
    Semiautomatic Data Glove Calibration for Sign Language Corpora Building
  • Gabriele Langer, Thomas Hanke, Reiner Konrad and Susanne König:
    “Non-tokens”: When Tokens Should not Count as Evidence of Sign Use
  • Gabriele Langer, Thomas Troelsgård, Jette Kristoffersen, Reiner Konrad, Thomas Hanke and Susanne König:
    Designing a Lexical Database for a Combined Use of Corpus Annotation and Dictionary Editing
  • John McDonald, Rosalee Wolfe, Ronnie Wilbur, Robyn Moncrief, Evie Malaia, Sayuri Fujimoto, Souad Baowidan and Jessika Stec:
    A New Tool to Facilitate Prosodic Analysis of Motion Capture Data and a Datadriven Technique for the Improvement of Avatar Motion
  • Laurence Meurant, Anthony Cleve and Onno Crasborn:
    Using sign language corpora as bilingual corpora for data mining: Contrastive linguistics and computer-assisted annotation
  • Laurence Meurant, Aurélie Sinte and Eric Bernagou:
    The French Belgian Sign Language Corpus. A User-Friendly Corpus Searchable Online
  • Lionel Pigou, Mieke Van Herreweghe and Joni Dambre:
    Sign Classification in Sign Language Corpora with Deep Neural Networks
  • Juhana Salonen, Ritva Takkinen, Anna Puupponen, Henri Nieminen and Outi Pippuri:
    Creating corpora of Finland’s sign languages
  • Abdelhadi Soudi and Corinne Vinopol:
    A Digital Moroccan Sign Language STEM Thesaurus
  • Špela Vintar and Boštjan Jerko:
    Online Concordancer for the Slovene Sign Language Corpus SIGNOR