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The POLYTROPON Parallel Corpus

Efthimiou, Eleni ORCID button Efthimiou, Eleni | Vasilaki, Kyriaki ORCID button Vasilaki, Kyriaki | Fotinea, Stavroula-Evita ORCID button Fotinea, Stavroula-Evita | Vacalopoulou, Anna ORCID button Vacalopoulou, Anna | Goulas, Theodoros ORCID button Goulas, Theodoros | Dimou, Athanasia-Lida ORCID button Dimou, Athanasia-Lida

Proceedings of the LREC2018 8th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Involving the Language Community
Miyazaki, Japan
12 May 2018
European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
CC BY-NC 4.0
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CLARIN, Polytropon
Greek Sign Language
POLYTROPON Parallel Corpus


Here we present the POLYTROPON parallel corpus for the language pair Greek Sign Language (GSL) – Greek, which is created and annotated aiming to serve as a golden corpus available to the community of SL technologies for experimentation with various approaches to SL processing, focusing on machine learning for SL recognition, machine translation (MT) and information retrieval. The corpus volume incorporates 3653 clauses in three repetitions each, captured in front view by means of one HD and one kinect camera. Corpus annotation has allowed to extract initial features sets with the aim to reach a GSL level of abstraction close to the one currently available for Greek language representations, exploiting the inherent characteristics of the language in view of applying initial deep learning experiments on GSL data, where both words and signs may be represented as vectors of characteristics which allow dependency tree structure representations of input text and signed clauses as those created by the use of Tree Editor TrEd 2.0.

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