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NEW Shared & Interconnected ASL Resources: SignStream® 3 Software; DAI 2 for Web Access to Linguistically Annotated Video Corpora; and a Sign Bank

Neidle, Carol | Opoku, Augustine | Dimitriadis, Gregory | Metaxas, Dimitris

Proceedings of the LREC2018 8th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Involving the Language Community
Miyazaki, Japan
12 May 2018
European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
CC BY-NC 4.0
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American Sign Language
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2017 marked the release of a new version of SignStream® software, designed to facilitate linguistic analysis of ASL video. SignStream® provides an intuitive interface for labeling and time-aligning manual and non-manual components of the signing. Version 3 has many new features. For example, it enables representation of morpho-phonological information, including display of handshapes. An expanding ASL video corpus, annotated through use of SignStream®, is shared publicly on the Web. This corpus (video plus annotations) is Web-accessible—browsable, searchable, and downloadable—thanks to a new, improved version of our Data Access Interface: DAI 2. DAI 2 also offers Web access to a brand new Sign Bank, containing about 10,000 examples of about 3,000 distinct signs, as produced by up to 9 different ASL signers. This Sign Bank is also directly accessible from within SignStream®, thereby boosting the efficiency and consistency of annotation; new items can also be added to the Sign Bank. Soon to be integrated into SignStream® 3 and DAI 2 are visualizations of computer-generated analyses of the video: graphical display of eyebrow height, eye aperture, and head position. These resources are publicly available, for linguistic and computational research and for those who use or study ASL.


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