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Signs Movie

The movie Signs (Hughes, 2008) is a short movie without spoken language, the protagonists communicate by showing each other written English words on paper. The end of the movie is open about the hearing status of the female protagonist. The movie is approximately five minutes long. Both informants are asked to watch the movie and exchange on the content.

This task is expected to collect signs about feelings and love as well as assumptions. If needed subtitles for other languages were added.

Stimulus Signs Movie
Target Conversation and signs expressing love, feelings, assumptions
Degree of Interaction High (exchange about topic)
Duration 5–10 min
Source Hughes (2008), available at

Task uses in corpora

Corpus DGS Corpus
Corpus Language German Sign Language
# recordings – open access 1
# recordings – restricted access 141
Data available
Corpus PJM Corpus
Corpus Language Polish Sign Language
# recordings – open access 0
# recordings – restricted access not available
Data available none

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