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Fire Alarm Story

The Fire Alarm (Matthes et al., 2010) is a short clip of a Deaf person telling about what happened during his last holiday trip to Italy. After the travel group arrived late at the hotel, he had a drink at the bar then went to bed and slept all night. The next morning the others tell him, that they tried to wake him, because the fire alarm went off during the night. The clip is shown to one of the informants, who then is asked to retell it to the other informant.

Aim of the task is to collect a high amount of sign language characteristic features, e.g. constructed action, nonmanuals, etc.

Stimulus Signed Story
Target Sign language characteristic features
Degree of Interaction Low (monologue)
Duration 2–3 min
Source See Matthes et al. (2010)

Task uses in corpora

Corpus DGS Corpus
Corpus Language German Sign Language
# recordings – open access 1
# recordings – restricted access 67
Data available
Corpus PJM Corpus
Corpus Language Polish Sign Language
# recordings – open access 64
# recordings – restricted access not available
Data available[[1,2,3,4],{}]

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