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Each informant gets a one-week calendar with fictitious appointments and they are asked to arrange two meetings of two hours each to prepare a surprise for the wedding party of a mutual friend. They are also told explicitly to talk about the other activities they have planned in that week. The aim is to collect a dialogue of negotiation and signs for the days of the week, time terms and various common activities such as seeing the doctor, going on vacation, being at work, sports activities, having a plumber at home or going to the movies and the theatre.

Stimulus One-week calendar with fictive appointments
Target Dialogue (planning and negotiation) and days of the week, time terms, activities etc.
Degree of Interaction High (negotiating)
Duration 10 min
Source See Nishio et al. (2010)

Task uses in corpora

Corpus DGS Corpus
Corpus Language German Sign Language
# recordings – open access 1
# recordings – restricted access 167
Data available
Corpus PJM Corpus
Corpus Language Polish Sign Language
# recordings – open access 60
# recordings – restricted access not available
Data available[[13,14,15,16],{}]

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