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GLex is a corpus-based dictionary of German Sign Language for technical terms from the field of health and nursing care. It was built at the Institute of German Sign Language (IDGS), University Hamburg from 2004–2007. The project was led by Siegmund Prillwitz and Reiner Konrad.

Languages German Sign Language, German, English
Size 2330 signs
Linguistic Information Citation form, German and English translations, definition, semantic grouping, HamNoSys transcription
Licence not available
Access Public access via browsable homepage
Institution Universität Hamburg
Publications König et al. (2008)

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Konrad, R., Langer, G., König, S., Schwarz, A., Hanke, T., Prillwitz, S. (Ed.) (2007). Fachgebärdenlexikon Gesundheit und Pflege. Seedorf: Signum. URL: (last accessed [insert date]).

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