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SignStudy is an online lexical resource for American Sign Language signs. The signs are structured in terms of semantic categories and subcategories and annotated by 67 handshapes, 38 semantic categories, and 238 semantic subcategories. SignStudy was created by SignSchool, an online American Sign Language learning platform.

Signs are searchable by English keywords. SignStudy – as well as ASL Signbank and ASL-LEX – is used in the construction of ASLNet (Lualdi et al., 2021), a wordnet for American Sign Language.

Languages American Sign Language, English
Size 4500 signs
Linguistic Information Citation form, synonyms, polysemous words, parameters, semantic categories and semantic hierarchies on two levels
Licence not available
Access Temporarily unavailable at the time of writing
Institution SignSchool
Publications Lualdi et al. (2019)

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