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Lex-LSFB is a lexical database developed on the basis of the annotation within the Corpus LSFB project. All fully-lexical signs identified in the annotated videos have been collected and made available. Lex-LSFB is built at the French Belgian Sign Language Laboratory (LSFB-Lab) under the lead of Laurence Meurant.

Lex-LSFB is connected to the Corpus LSFB so that sign glosses and French keywords found in the lexical database can be used to search for signs in videos. As corpus annotation still continues Lex-LSFB will be regularly expanded.

Languages French Belgian Sign Language, French
Size not available
Linguistic Information ID-gloss, french translation(s), citation form, link to LSFB en ligne if available
Licence CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Access Public access via browsable homepage
Institution French Belgian Sign Language Laboratory (LSFB-Lab)

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Meurant, L. 2015. Corpus LSFB. First digital open access corpus of movies and annotations of French Belgian Sign Language (LSFB). LSFB-Lab, University of Namur. URL:

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