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ISL-LEX is an online representation of the lexical database of Israeli Sign Language. The online platform represents 961 signs in a visual network of phonological relations and offers search functions. Each sign is accompanied with a video, detailed phonological information, and frequency and iconicity ratings. The signs broadly relfect different stages of language acquisition. ISL-LEX is built for researchers, educators and students.

Signs were collected from the ISL Child Development Inventory project (see Novogrodsky and Meir (2020)) and the ISL Dictionary.

ISL-LEX is part of the SIGN-LEX interactive web-based platform (see Caselli et al. (2022)), also hosting ASL-LEX. The data can also be downloaded.

Languages Israeli Sign Language, English, Hebrew
Size 961 signs
Linguistic Information subjective frequency ratings from native signers, iconicity ratings from native and non-native signers, phonological properties in six domains (articulator, handshape, orientation, location, core articulatory movement, manner of movement)
Licence CC BY-NC 4.0
Access Public access via browsable homepage
Webpages Landing page:
Raw data:
Institution University of Haifa in Israel
Publications Morgan et al. (2022)
Novogrodsky and Meir (2020)
Morgan et al. ()

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