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Swiss German Sign Language Lexicon

The Lexicon of Swiss German Sign Language is arranged into different sub-lexicons. Two of them, containing 685 technical terms in the domains of nutrition and economy, are described in more detail. The lexicon was built at the University of Zurich under the lead of Penny Boyes-Braem.

Signs can be searched by German keywords, by domain restrictions, by a given status (used, known, new) or by glosses. To automatically obtain candidates for semantic relations in Swiss-German Sign Language the German-language wordnet Germanet (Hamp and Feldweg, 1997) was linked to the Swiss-German Sign Language lexicon (see Ebling et al., 2012).

Languages Swiss-German Sign Language, German
Size 9000 signs
Linguistic Information For 3000 signs: citation form, meaning, morphological and syntactic characteristics, usage, drawings, HamNoSys and SignWriting transcription, German translations
Licence Individual license agreement may be possible
Access Temporarily unavailable at the time of writing
Institution University of Zurich

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