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British Sign Language Glossaries of Curriculum Terms

The British Sign Language Glossaries of Curriculum Terms or short BSL Glossary is a collection of subject-specific terms in British Sign Language for the subject areas science, technology, engineering and maths.

Signs are accompanied with definitions in BSL and, for some, lab movies or examples.

The BSL Glossary project is made up of Audrey Cameron, Gary Quinn, Rachel O'Neill and Sheila Mackenzie. The team collected existing signs and organised workshops to discuss signs and definitions and create new terms in BSL. The definitions are created in BSL and translated into English.

Languages British Sign Language, English
Size approximately 2000 signs and definitions
Linguistic Information Citation form, English term, definition in BSL, example of usage, translations of the movies into English, pictures, related terms.
Licence not available
Access Public access via browsable homepage
Institution Scottish Sensory Center (SSC), Edinburgh
Publications O’Neill et al. (2019)
Cameron et al. (2013)

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