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The IPROSLA corpus is an archive bringing together two existing datasets of Sign Language of the Netherlands on SLsign language acquisition with the goal of providing documentation, metadata and long-term storage. One dataset consists of longitudinal data of deaf children from deaf and hearing parents collected at the University of Amsterdam over 20 years. The other dataset contains newly collected longitudinal data from hearing and deaf children of deaf parents collected by Radboud University. In total 16 children have been recorded for approximately 225 hours.

The recordings were done in informal settings like the home of the children. The children were interacting freely and playing with their parents and/or a deaf research assistant visiting the families.

For the recordings one to two cameras were used, originally with PAL mini-DV tapes or PAL VHS cassettes which were digitised later on.

Language Sign Language of the Netherlands
Size 225 hours recorded
Participants 16 child participants and their parents
4 Deaf, 1 hard of hearing and 11 hearing
6 months and older
Metadata Format CMDI
Translation not available
Annotation not available
Data Format not available
Licence Individual license agreement available
Access Restricted access for researchers requires individual license agreement
Webpages Project page:
Institution University of Amsterdam, Radboud University Nijmegen
Publications Crasborn (2010)

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Common tasks used in this corpus

Task Free conversation
# recordings – open access 0
# recordings – restricted access not available
Data available

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