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Danish Sign Language Corpus

The Danish Sign Language Corpus is a collection of video material from 31 signers of Danish Sign Language from Denmark. The Corpus is used to build a DTS-Danish Dictionary. The Danish Sign Language Dictionary project building the corpus is based at the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Danish Sign Language and Speech-to-text Interpreter at the University College Copenhagen and led by Mads Jonathan Pedersen and Thomas Troelsgård. The project started 2014 and is still ongoing.

For the lexicographic work the Danish wordnet DanNet (Pedersen et al., 2009) was implemented into the corpus.

The recordings took place in a classroom, in a rather informal setting. One camera was used filming the participants from a front view. The signers were recorded alone, having a deaf staff member as receiver, who also gave instructions on the tasks.

Language Danish Sign Language
Size 14,5 hours recorded, 20000 tokens and 1750 types annotated
Participants 31 participants
Metadata Format Custom format
Translation not available
Annotation 2,5 hours (17%)
ID-glosses, mouthing, meaning in context annotated based on Cormier et al. (2017) and Crasborn et al. (2020)
See Kristoffersen and Troelsgård (2015) for more information
Data Format iLex
Licence Individual license agreement for researchers
Access No public access
Webpage not available
Institution University College Copenhagen

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