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Dogon Sign Language Corpus

The Dogon Sign Language Corpus is a collection of Dogo Sign Language video recordings, collected in the Dogon area in Mali. Data collection took place between 2010 and 2012 and was done by a deaf-led team of Malian signers and lead by Victoria Nyst. The following formats were collected: personal narratives, interviews about personal history, signed guided tours by deaf signers around the house, fields and nature, elicited lexical data, reports by the team members of the the data collection. The recordings are stored as 341 separate clips.

Language Dogon Sign Language
Size 32 hours of recording
Participants 68 participants
59 deaf, 2 hard of hearing, 7 hearing
3 – 80 years, average 30 years
41 male, 27 female
Metadata Format IMDI
Translation not available
Annotation Annotation on gloss level for 87 videoclips (25%)
Data Format ELAN
Licence not available
Access Restricted access
Webpage Dataset:
Institution Center for Linguistics, Leiden University
Publications Nyst et al. (2012)

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