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Adamorobe Sign Language Corpus

The Adamorobe Sign Language Corpus is a Corpus of Adamorobe Sign Language from the village of Adamorobe in Ghana containing recordings from approximately 20 signers. The filming took place between 2000 and 2004 and was done by Victoria Nyst.

The recordings include spontaneous narratives, personal stories and stories about the history of Adamorobe, elicited data, retellings of cartoons and picture stories.

Language Adamorobe Sign Language
Size 36 hours recorded, 39 tapes, 180 clips, 27 elan transcripts
Participants 20 participants (approximate)
Metadata Format CMD
Translation English and Twi, 27 transcripts translated
Annotation not available
Data Format ELAN
Licence not available
Access restricted access
Webpages Project page:
Institution Leiden University, Centre for Linguistics, Netherlands
Publications Nyst (2007)
Kusters (2011)

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