iLex Database of Public DGS Corpus Release 4

If you are interested in exploring the DGS Public Corpus, you now have a choice between four different approaches:

  • The no-install-no-download-no-hazzle option is to use this portal: Just turn to the menu above to see the transcripts, all the sign types used in the corpus and more. Do not forget to consult “Info” to learn more about the data!
  • Another no-install-no-download option is to use the ANNIS corpus query tool with the Public DGS Corpus preloaded. You find it at
  • You use this website to navigate to the transcripts you are interested in and download them in either ELAN (.eaf) or iLex format (and optionally also the videos) in order to load the data into you local ELAN or iLex app.
  • (New with release 4) If you are working with macOS, you now have the option to use the iLex app with an online database prefilled with exactly the DGS Public Corpus data.

    For obvious reasons, we grant read-only access to the database.

    In order to get started with this option:

    • Download the iLex app from
    • You may also want to install the HamNoSys font from
    • Unless the video files are available locally, iLex will load them from our web server. If that turns our to be too slow in your case, just download the video files you want to work with from Transcripts to the Movies folder on your local machine.
    • Launch iLex and choose the DGS Public Release as your dataset. You will not be asked a username or password.
    • For jumping back and forth between the portals MY DGS – annotated, MY DGS – ANNIS and MY DGS – iLex, just click the links provided. When jumping into iLex, your browser may ask you for permission to open the iLex app, just confirm!