DGS Corpus release 2.0

Citation: Konrad, R., Hanke, T., Langer, G., Blanck, D., Bleicken, J., Hofmann, I., Jeziorski, O., König, L., König, S., Nishio, R., Regen, A., Salden, U., Wagner, S., Worseck, S. 2019. MY DGS – annotated. Public Corpus of German Sign Language, 2nd release [Dataset]. Universität Hamburg. https://doi.org/10.25592/dgs.corpus-2.0.


The Public DGS Corpus consists of more than 50 hours of video data from the DGS-Korpus project made available together with annotations for research purposes. In this project, data were collected all across Germany in the timeframe 2010-2012. The public corpus shows 330 informants in 4 different age groups (from 18 years on) from 13 different regions. All parts are conversations between two informants in German Sign Language (DGS). The majority of transcripts included cover discussions and reports on Deaf life and personal experiences, although there are examples of other tasks such as story retellings as well.
Transcripts are made available in iLex and ELAN format as well as in SRT subtitles format that can be imported in MaxQDA and other analysis tools, together with the mp4 video files in 360p50.
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