Summer School 2019

Right after TISLR, DGS-Korpus ]will organize its next summer school in cooperation with INEL (another Academy of Sciences and Humanities project) and SignHub (an EU Horizon 2020 project).

  • When? Sep 30th – Oct 4th, 2019
  • What? Courses, tutorials, and workshops within the scope of language documentation and corpus linguistics
  • Where? Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf, University of Hamburg
  • Languages: English, International Sign

Registration will open in June.

  Morning Session Afternoon Session Evening Session
Mon Introduction: Corpus Work in DGS-Korpus and INEL Describing Sign Language Grammars: Sequential vs. Simultaneous Compounds tba
Tue Lexicography: Researching, Documenting, and Describing the Lexis of Spoken and Signed Languages Sign Language Lexicography: Corpus-based Dictionary Writing tba
Spoken Language Lexicography: Working from a Speech Corpus
Wed Corpus Anonymisation: Making your Corpus Ready for Publication Data Life Cycle: Keeping your Corpus Alive Social Event
Thu Quality Assurance: Lemma Revision and Annotation Consistency Tutorial: OpenPose for Linguists tba
Spoken Language Corpora: Methodology and Practice I
Fri Data Visualisation: Using Graphs and more to Evaluate and Present your Data HamNoSys Tutorial  
Spoken Language Corpora: Methodology and Practice II