Project staff

Thomas Hanke

Thomas HankeThomas Hanke is a member of the executive team since the project started. He holds the position of the project manager and is primarily responsible for the development of transcription tools and -conventions and the technical implementation of HamNoSys in these systems. Within his scope of duties he is also engaged in legal and ethic aspects of sign language corpora.

Prof. Dr. Annika Herrmann

Annika HerrmannAnnika Herrmann has been a professor for Sign Languages and Sign Language Interpreting at the Institute for German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf at the University of Hamburg since 2017. In June 2019 she joined the DGS-Korpus team. Together with Thomas Hanke, she is leading the project. As a sign language linguist, she is mainly responsible for national and international project cooperations und publications, public and community relations as well as the scientific supervision of dissertation projects.

Dr. Reiner Konrad

files/inhalt_grafiken/team/rk.jpgReiner Konrad has been a research assistant at the Institute for German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf of the University of Hamburg since 1993. He has been a member of the executive team of the DGS-Corpus project since the project started. His key activities are language documentation, corpus linguistic, lexicography and lexicology of sign languages and corpus-based lexicography of sign language dictionaries for technical terms for specialised areas. In 2009 he received his doctor´s degree.

Gabriele Langer

Gabriele LangerGabriele Langer is a research associate and member of the executive team of the DGS Corpus Project. She was involved in the planning of the project and has been part of the team from its beginning. In the first phase of the project her main responsibilities included the development of elicitation materials and methods, the selection of informants, and the design and implementation of the training programme for contact persons. After the elicitation phase the main focus of her work was on the ongoing development of conventions and good practice in the areas of annotation and data analysis, as well as the supervision and training of student assistants. Her current responsibilities focus on theoretical design, data analysis and the description of signs in the area of sign language lexicography.

Julian Bleicken

Julian BleickenJulian Bleicken joined the team in March 2015. After completing his training as mechatronics technician, he earned a B.A. degree in German Sign Language (with a minor in business administration) in 2014. He already worked for the DGS Corpus project as a student co-worker before. His main area of work is the transcription of signed texts.

Oliver Böse

Oliver BöseAfter having been a project member from 2014 to 2015, Oliver Böse joined the project again in October 2018. He works in the transcription team and supervised student transcribers. He was also involved in the selection of data for the partial corpus.

Maren Brumm

Maren Brumm

Maren Brumm completed a Master Degree in Computational Informatics in 2014. She joined the DGS-Korpus Project in 2016 working on computerbased annotation of corpus data, as i.e. the automatic recognition and classification of mouth gestures.

Ilona Hofmann

Ilona HofmannIlona Hofmann has worked as a lecturer for sign language and in various projects on sign language dictionaries for technical terms for specialised areas at the Institute for German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf of the University of Hamburg. Her focuses were census, transcription and analysis. She was also an actor for sign language videos. She joined the DGS-Corpus team at the project start in 2009. Her tasks are transcription and supervising the student assistants.

Elena Jahn

Elena JahnElena Jahn joined the DGS-Corpus team in August 2017. She gained initial experiences with multimodal annotations and corpus linguistics at the University of Bielefeld. During her master course at the University in Düsseldorf, she was engaged with statistics, information structure, prosody and corpus linguistics as an undergraduate assistant, tutor and lecturer. She is currently writing her doctoral thesis and is responsible for public relations.

Calvin Khan

Calvin KhanCalvin Khan started as a project member of the DGS corpus project in March 2020. During his studies at the University of Hamburg (B.A. Educational Science with subsidiary subject DGS), he already contributed to the project as a student assistant for several years. His current areas of work include the transcription and later on also the supervision of student assistants.

Lutz König

Lutz KönigLutz König has been a member of the DGS-Corpus team since 2009. His tasks are the training and supervision of contact persons and the support at censuses regarding technical issues and content. He supervises the student assistants and does quality checks of the transcriptions. Before he joined the team of the DGS-Corpus project he had worked in the development of various sign language dictionaries for technical terms for specialised areas at the Institute for German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf of the University of Hamburg.

Dr. Cornelia Loos

Dr. Cornelia LoosCornelia Loos joined the DGS corpus team in March 2020. She focuses on mining the corpus for various linguistic analyses while supporting the transcription and lexicography teams. Cornelia received her PhD in 2017 from the University of Texas at Austin, where she investigated the grammar of resultative constructions in German and American Sign Language. Her main research foci are lexical semantics, syntax, and experimental pragmatics.

Dr. Anke Müller

Anke Müller

Anke Müller has for several years been already operative as a research assistant at the Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf at the University of Hamburg, i.a. with the project „DaZiel. Deutsch als Zielsprache“ as in linguistic teaching and research. She has been with the DGS-Korpus-Project since July 2016. As a research assistant in the field of lexicography she works on dictionary items.

Felicitas Otte

Felicitas Otte

Felicitas Otte joined the DGS-Korpus-Projekt in March of 2020. She first encountered the field of corpus linguistics while acquiring her Bachelor’s degree at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. During her Master’s course, she contributed to various corpus-based projects at the University of Hamburg. Now she draws from those experiences to contribute to the lexicographic analysis of the corpus, culminating in the construction of dictionary entries. Her own research is mainly in the field of information structure.

Dr. Marc Schulder

Marc SchulderMarc Schulder joined the DGS Corpus project in March 2019. His tasks are the analysis, processing and enrichment of the corpus through means of machine learning and other methods of natural language processing. He previously studied computational linguistics at Saarland University, with a focus on semantic phenomena, such as negation and metaphors.

Sabrina Wähl

Sabrina Wähl

Sabrina Wähl joined the DGS-Korpus team in 2016. She studied at the University of Hamburg completing as a Magistra Atrium in the field of sign language. During her studies she already worked for the project as a student assistant. She is currently assigned the support of the DGS-Feedback system and tasks in the area of lexicography.