8th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Involving the Language Community

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Please follow the instructions on the LREC pages with the following two exceptions:

  • As a general rule, stick to a length of 4-8 pages with an even number of pages.
  • You may submit .pdf (unprotected) (this is the preferred format) or .doc/.docx. If you do submit in .doc/.docx format, we take no responsibility for the conversion process.
  • The deadline is February 23, 2018. Do not count on an extension of the deadline, as the complete proceedings have to be submitted by us only a couple of days after your deadline!

On the LREC pages, you will also find LaTeX and Word template documents.

In addition to the paper, we ask you to provide an unformatted abstract (.txt or similar) to be used for a book of abstracts. So this text may be the same as the abstract in your paper, or you may decide to provide a longer version.

For uploading your documents, please use the login data provided in your notification of acceptance.

For posters, please note the following size limit: The size of posters holders is 150cm x 90cm (vertical). Please bear in mind that only Portrait format posters (NO Landscape) can be accommodated. However, we recommend that your poster does not exceed 120cm in height for easier reading. Keep in mind that people might need to "read" your poster from some distance, so make everything large enough!

For the abstracts, there is no specific format required.

For demos, LREC provides (shared) tables as well as wall outlets.